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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One down, eleven to go!!!

So here we go...  January is over...  31 days not buying anything...  and not has difficult as I would have expected!  I did change the way I see things during this last month...  honestly, to start off, maybe the first 10 days, I was somewhat not happy about that decision... and did not know if I would make it... and I was trying to find ways to get out of it with my husband!  I even suggested the idea of gaining 10 pounds so I would have no choice but to buy clothes!!!  For those of you who know how strict I am with my weight, this may come as a shock!!! Then, after I passed the 21 days mark, it became easier... I found myself with more free time...  more ideas.. more creative tought!  I even finished a collage and a scarf and started knitting a sweater! I also draw a mandala!  I have more energy for my yoga and my meditation and do not feel the urge to get stuff to satisfy me!!!

I still even have that gift card for Les centres a la mode and cannot find a use for it... at least for now!

 I am actually surprise at how much the TV,  magazines, radio, newspaper and all we see and listen is oriented toward making you believe that you need to buy stuff to be happy!  It is absolutely not true!

In one of the book I read, they were mentionning that you do not possess you material stuff, but rather it possess you... making you a slave to it...  and since my newly found freedom, I must admit, that this is true...  at least for us!

Now you guys can think about the relationship you have to your stuff.... it all you house/appartment was to catch fire tomorrow, what would you save?  Dominique Loreau says that all you wish to save should fit in a luggage that you can carry by yourself...  it is really the case?

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