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Friday, April 22, 2016

Getting to 6 months and still feeling fantastic!!!

Time for yet another update on that wonderful adventure I embark on on Nov 29th 2015...

Remember by 367 days shopping ban? You can read about it here...

And the latest update was almost 3 months ago!

As we are now April 22nd, I can say that I am almost half way... or am I??? This has been so much easier then I thought... I don't think I will ever go back to my old ways!!! I don't even feel good being in a regular store anymore!!! All I can see is the misery this is causing... and it makes me want to cry!

Lately I have gotten for summer:
1) a skirt locally made by an artist who uses only upcycled fabrics - I loved the idea more then I needed the skirt and I also wanted to encourage her! Plus it is super cute and I'll wear it for years to come!
2) a pair of pants that I turned into short from Value Village - these are the result of me throwing away a pair of short that was to big for me now as I had it for years and wore it with a belt...
3) a skirt from Value Village that can actually be 4 seasons - these are the result of having a pair of short that is now to small for me as I have gained weight over the last winter

These items actually follow the rules... maybe not 1) per say as I did not really needed it but I can live with it since it is not using new fabric and it is locally made by an amazing woman!

I may have to look into a few tops now - thinking one red and one brown... but it can wait.... and I need to still follow my rules!

I also bought a pair of hiking shoes brand new of course.... as my husband and I are planning on taking up this activity (I mentioned it 3 months ago)... I needed some good footwear not to hurt myself. And actually my husband bought them for me so I did not spend the money... technically! I said I would accept gift and this was a lovely one!

Aside from those new shoes I am doing pretty not buying anything new and for myself when I don't need it! I actually do not even "desire" stuff anymore! Who would have thought I would say that one day???

I have completed 6 months and didn't really buy anything from "real store" aside from a shirt as I had received a gift card from American Eagle... and underwear - There is not way I am buying this used!

I keep getting my books at the library... or used book store where I can resell them later...

I honestly thought I would struggle more with this then I do... but it feels good not to! Because I have so much time on my hand now I started a reading marathon! My objective is to have read 42 books in 2016! I am now up to 17!!! The public library is now my favorite place!

I also picked up my yoga/meditation practice... and I am starting to work out for those hiking trips my husband and I are planning on!

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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