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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall wardrobe update

Hello guys!

It's been a while since I wrote about my clothes...  in fact, I have been kind of lost over the last few months (to much criticism tends to make me doubt myself but then I get all those requests and testimonies that I ended up realising that those who love and need me are more important then the others... - getting side tracked here! lol)  but I am getting back on track.... and writing on what I love... Clothes being on of the things I care deeply about...  and fall being my favorite season, the fall wardrobe is something I care a LOT about! 

As we are pass labor day, I updated my wardrobe this afternoon... It always leaves me a bitter taste to put away summer clothes as it reminds me that winter will soon be there...  BUT the in between is lovely... 

By now, most of my wardrobe, I would say 60% is 2 seasons with and extra 20% being 3 seasons... there are still a few summer things I put away so that when next summer comes, I will feel like I have new things! Also, I am pulling out the warmer clothes... but in a few months, there might be a few 3 seasons items that are definitely not winter wear that will go away! But we'll see when we get there...
As of now, I have 30 items in my wardrobe... this excludes lounge wear, underwear, and outer wear.... as these are "the rules" of Project 333 that I use as inspiration to "limit" the amount of items in my wardrobe...  I do not count jewelry and accessories in there like she does but as Courtney says herself her rules are the rules that suit her... everyone can come up with their own rules! Oh and I do not add work clothes as they are NOT something I wear outside of my working hours!

Here are my items:  (I would like to add that personally, I still think this is way too many items...  BUT, I love them all and by wearing each less I will extend their lives... which allows me to work on paying off debts instead of replacing my worn off clothes!)

2 pairs of wide legged corduroy pants (one grey and one fuchsia)
3 pairs of jeans (one torn up, one boyfriend cut, one wide legged)
1 pair of harem pants (mustard)
1 burgundy patterned skirt
1 pair of corduroy shorts
1 navy skirt
2 plaided skirt (one in flannel)
1 white shirt
1 short sleeve doted burgundy shirt
1 elbow length sleeves African patterned shirt
2 black sleeveless tops
1 green sleeveless top
1 burgundy sleeveless top
6 short sleeves t
2 elbow length sleeve t
3 dresses (one more summary but deep purple, 2 patterned) *
1 patterned knitted sweater

you add to that quite a few scarves, 2 pairs of ankle boots and one pair of converse shoes...  plus a few cardigans, a jacket and a jean jacket and you have my fall wardrobe!!!
Everthing or most everything actually match with each other...  this is what makes dressing in the morning so much more fun as I do not have to think about what goes with what.... it also makes it so that I do not have 2 items that I always wear together because they only match with each other!

Now the items in purple are what will go in a few more months when we settle down for winter...  This will leave my with 21 items which is OK because winter really is not the season I go all out! Hopefully one day I will not longer have to handle winter which would be awesome!!!  In the mean time, I still need to put away all my favorite clothes for 4-5 really cold months!

* a note on the dresses.... I am really not much of a "dress" person in the sense that I never know WHEN to wear them.... however, I love the idea of dresses and this is why I have a hard time parting with them... and this is why, I bought the deep purple one this summer and one of the other 2 right before my shopping strike started!

What about you?  How many items of clothing do you have in your wardrobe?  Do you even have an idea???  What if you were to guess, try and list them and then actually double check with what you have?  You go ahead, try it and give me some feedback... I and my readers would love it!!!  And it could be fun... I know not too long ago I could not list 20% of my wardrobe for a specific season...  What if you forgot some items?  Maybe you really didn't care for those so much did you???


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