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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Because no one will "shut me up"

Hello lovely readers...  this is a post for you who appreciate my writing... but mostly for you who do not!
I know this may sound strange... let me explain.

A while ago, I got a few nasty comments from a few people who read my blog... they did not agree with my approach on health and on minimalism... or my yoga practice.... I got called "names" that I wish I could forget...  damn good memory!

And it hurt me...  and, as a result, I stop writing and took my blog off-line... to stop getting negative comments.  I felt it was the right thing to do.

Some of you were really sad about this.... my supporters.

And I felt like I've let you down... and didn't like that but did not know what else to do.

To the name calling people who read me, I have one thing to say:  "why read me if you do not agree? don't you have anything else to do then read stuff you disapprove off?" "do you feel so threaten in your life by my blog that you feel the need to defend yourself and accuse me of various  really not nice stuff?"

I have always been clear on this... I do not expect everyone here to be vegan... or minimalist... or do yoga...  I write about what changed my life and why.... I write about what I am passionate about and wish to share because I know it would change YOUR life as well!  And for the better...
I think life, by throwing curve balls at me, forced me to dig in deep... and search.. and think outside the box... and I did... and what I found was amazing and I feel the obligation to share!!! 
What I found is not mainstream.... of course!  If not I'd have nothing to write about... everything would already have been said!

What I found goes against most of what you've heard all your life (and against all I've heard all my life)....  you need meat for protein, you need milk for calcium, you need this iPhone 25s...  250 CDs, 500DVDs, 2000 books... you need a fancy house and a spouse and 2 kids to be happy... a cat, a dog and a fish would help! you need a vacation down south per year... you need to earn a degree and work in that field to raise your income all your life... 

I am vegan...  eat almost non oil... lots of starch... very little protein... many fruits and veggies... I believe this is the BEST way to eat to be healthy... I know it is quite difficult!
I am a minimalist with 95% of my furniture being "second hand" and all of it being used...  I have nothing I do not use on a regular basis... I do not believe in stuff making you happy... I do not believe in income/career defining who you are...  I do not think success is measured by the size of your home or the make of your car...
I have no religion...  I practice yoga and meditation...  I do not believe in God but I believe in each and everyone I meet unless they prove to me I shouldn't...  I believe all you need is already inside you...

This is who I am and this is what I write about... and to my "haters" I say, stop reading if you do not like...  stop wasting your time if you think I am so out of the track... and I am also saying that,  from now on, your insults, name calling and accusations will not get to me because I won't let them.

And to my ever growing number of supporters, I say thank you.. and "I'm back baby"!!!
After all, if I am upsetting some people so much, I must be on to something...  and since I can inspire some of you, this is all I really want!



  1. You are always an inspiration! Please stay like that, always! Don't let other people dictate who you are! I love your blog! I'm glad you're on it again!

  2. I agree. Your life and blog is so interesting. Don't worry about Internet trolls looking to stir up drama! You can also approve who comments here (or not!!). That's what I do!