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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On being healthy... or not...

Let me tell you something:  I do not care if you do not want to be healthy.  Honestly. It is your choice... your decision... but please pretty please just assume consequences!!!

I know, and you know.... and mostly everybody knows by now that the best way to be healthy is:

1) adopt a plant based diet.  Period.  No if and but or "but I do not eat lots of... (fill in animal product)"
2) LOTS of raw fruits and veggies
3) Juice, smoothies
4) Eat at home - home made meals - as much as possible
5) Exercise with moderation - you can exercise too much
6) Practice yoga/meditation to relieve stress
7) Drink water - not to little and not too much (yes you can have too much water)
8) Minimize the amount of process food you eat or eliminate if you can
9) Minimize your caffeine and alcohol intake
10) Stop smoking
11) Avoid junk food

Now we're all adults here.... you can do whatever you want... and so can I.

I chose to be healthy because I have one body. I chose to be healthy because I owe it to myself.  I chose to be healthy because I want to see my son's life as far as possible.  I chose to be healthy because I want to be selfless and independent as long as possible - I do not want to have anyone feel responsible for taking care of me in old age if I can help it.  I chose to be healthy because spending the last 10-15 years of my life running form doctor's appointment to doctor's appointment is not appealing to me and I know there are other options.

I may make what seems like sacrifices to some of you... but it is not really!  I feel so good and full of energy that that "steak", "bacon", "ice cream", " glass of wine" or "piece of cheese" sound to me like "dead cow", "dead pig", "frozen fat", "fermented grapes" or "soft chewy greasy fat"... and I do not miss any of that!!!  I have taught myself to love what real food taste like... and love it! 

I really believe that we were not meant to eat the way we do... if not it would not make us sick... If we were meant to eat the way the standard American diet is design, we'd have much bigger teeth, much bigger fingernails and mostly a way more acidic stomach to digest all that dead flesh.

Now if despite all the information that is widely available you choose to live your life different then mine, well that is OK.. and it is YOUR problem... and you have to live with the consequences.... and be mature enough to stop finding excuses for your behavior! Do not look for "scientific" studies saying that meat is not so bad...  that "milk does a body good"... that egg white is OK and that fish has good fat in it...  and if you do find those studies, look at WHO is paying for those...

For example, the "meat/milk" industry in the USA is spending big dollars on proving that soy is not good for us... so you'll eat meat and dairy instead of tofu and soy milk (because their profit margin is decreasing every year)...  but then how is it that people where soy has been eaten for hundreds of years always had less cancer and osteoporosis then we did?  At least until they started "Americanizing" their diet...

Also, do not try and justify yourself with excuses like "my grandma lived healthy until 95 and she ate chocolate everyday", "my granddad died at 92 and ate bacon every day" , "my aunt is 98 and drink wine at every supper since she's 15"...  those are EXCEPTIONS...  they are not the rule.., be smarter then that!  What you're doing is assuming you son will be like "Wayne Gretzky" or "Tiger Wood" because they started playing hockey/golf at 2 years old!  Do you know many Wayne and Tiger versus the number of kids who start playing hockey/gold at 2?

I hope you now understand that I stand for what I know is best for us.... I will NEVER stop talking about it... but you don't have to follow me in all my eccentricity like some told me... you are free to do as you wish... and even if you are not vegan and drink beer we can be friend... but do not feel like you need to justify yourself to me because you don't... unless you're trying to justify yourself to yourself through me... 


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