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Saturday, March 7, 2015

My view on: reality TV

There is nothing real about reality TV.
Let me explain...

A little over a year ago I decided to cut my cable subscription.
The cable company worked hard to try and keep me... offering discount and everything but my mind was set. I wanted to try this between April and end of June.  Time at which I would move to another province and start a new life hopefully without a television...
Instead of cable I took a subscription to Netflix.
It is cheaper.
No advertisement.
No reality TV.

The first few week was amazing.... I read a lot....
The next 2 were horrible.... I missed my shows.
Then I started using Netflix and saw some potential there.

Now, I use Netflix for documentaries, movie night on Saturday with my husband and son and I select one show to watch with my son and one with my husband. We are watching one show at a time. That is enough.

Do I wish I'd watch even less television?  Yes eventually but for now this is convenient for me.

Especially to have no advertisement and no reality TV...

I'll pass on my reason for disliking advertisement (hint:  I am against over consumption)

As for reality TV, I honestly believe that nothing can be more fake then what we call reality TV.
Of course the shows I watch are fake.. but I know it and everyone does...  no one pretends like this is reality. You wathc them for entertainment... not as a goal for your life to become.
Reality TV on the other hand is made to have "regular", non-actor people be on television... because for some reason, most of us are looking into being on TV as if this would bring us fame and money! A nice illusion...
In the end, those people that participate in reality TV shows are as fake as can get so that people like them, choose them, vote for them... They play a role... something they are most definitely not like... but they'll do it for money or possible fame... they all think that this might be their big coming out! Their moment where someone will see them and want to make an block buster movie staring them...  well guess what? This ain't happening....  never did and never will...  because actors are there for making movies and TV shows...

Regular people are there to "amuse" others... they are "cheap" labor... they are like "circus animals"... Enjoyed by the public but abused by who they work for...
But the saddest part I find is that they, as well as people watching them, are led to believe that this is what life should be like. That this represent meaningful life.

No one can actually fall in love on a TV show and hope this last.... they are falling in love with the money, the travelling, the expensive house they live in, the restaurants diner and shopping sprees... Once you get back to real life, that is another story and they both get to see a side of the other they did not see before... No one can play a role all their life!

As for all those "grand gesture" people do on reality TV, you can do these off screen...but who does that? Not as many people...  You do not need to be filmed to help the poor, the homeless, the sick...  If you need to be filmed doing it, well it doesn't come from your hearth and it is not selfless... therefore has no value. I know a few people who do amazing things for others without having excessive budget or bragging about it.  This is who they are. They are no doing it for fame but rather to genuinely help others.

And if you need to be on TV to loose weight you, most likely, won't keep it off...  Once the camera is gone, in a matter of months or years you'll be back where you started... because no real change will have happen inside of you... maybe there are issues you need to deal with psychologically or emotionally that the camera temporarily turned off or fixed but I doubt this is resolving anything in the long run...

Do you see my point?

Now, have you ever seen any of those reality TV superstars a few years down the line? Are they still thin? Rich? Famous? In the perfect relationship? Did they get a record deal? Sold many albums? Do we ever talk about them 5 years later? Do we even remember who they were? Or is there so many day in-day out that they are just like all the people you cross on the street and do not get to know or talk too ever?

If you want to be part of reality, leave your television, internet, smart phone and talk to REAL people... about their REAL life.... this is reality.  Television is NOT.

In any case.. this is the way I see it...  like it or not...
If you see it any other way and wish to share please feel free...


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