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Friday, February 27, 2015

Why you will never see a picture of me in an asana

I have been doing yoga for years...  and yet, none of you have seen a picture of me in ANY asana.... except one, in this blog where I am in prayer pose (in my early practice) and one on FB where you can see only my feet....  why is that?  Lots of people have asked me to post pictures in asanas and I refuse to do it...

Because yoga is personal... what an asana looks like has nothing to do with your practice.
It has nothing to do with how you experience it.
And I do not want to have a photograph present in my practice.
And I do not want to have to think about what I look like because I know I need to post a picture.

For example, after all those years, I can do balancing pose quite well.. I can do headstand, even in the middle of a room sometimes...  I can do crow also on good days.... And my triangle is fabulous!

Or so this is what they feel like...  and I do not want to get judgemental about my practice, or yours, if an asana doesn't look like I feel it.

There also are a few posture that I still struggle with...  anything that has to do with forward bending...  of hip opening... or arm balances...  and that's OK!  I struggle with those and I know why... and I am working on it... slowly but surely!  And even though I cannot put my forehead on my knees in forward bending, it still feels good to do it!

In my yoga practice I have no set goal in my mind... other then to find inner peace.
I practice it because it brings physical and mental benefits to me... it improve my health and my overall well being...

Yoga is a journey, not a destination...

You have good days and bad days...  and if I was to post pictures, I would choose the "good" one because my ego would talk... and that would not be fair to me and to you...  no one looks exactly alike in an asana and that is the beauty of it....  it is adaptable to anyone and this is why anyone can do yoga!

Yoga is not about touching your toes... but what you learn on the way down! (so they say)

And I have learned plenty.... about me...  good stuff and bad stuff...
And also about life... and others...

One more thing:  I do not wear fancy gears to do my yoga... I am in whatever home lounge wear I wear regularly...   I do not own any fancy Lululemon outfits... and I basically wear leggings and t-shirts (and they don't always match and they are most of the time pretty old!) ... because yoga does not need fancy outfits...  awesome mat... and matching props! You can do yoga in any clothes you want... I even know people who like to do yoga naked! It really doesn't matter what you wear in your practice as long as you are comfortable in it!

I really do hope that all of you will give it a good try...  and I am not saying trying to touch your toes in a forward bend to see if you are better then me or not... but really give it a try... a fair try... this means months of practice before you decide it's not for you!

If there is one thing I wish every one would try in their life...
If there is one thing I sincerely believe can change everyone's life...

It's YOGA!!!!


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