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Sunday, October 5, 2014

#108 days: week 15... and only 3 more days to go...

This picture was taken this week at sunrise... I love fall... and I love sunrise...  both so magical!  And I love my view... I know I am repeating myself...

On another note, I am now on my last complete week and in a few more days, I will have a detailed post about what this #108daystoanewlife gave me... 

But as for this week, there has been not too many changes on my side...  however, my husband almost made a deal on a used car.... he's getting there! To me this was a huge decision because I had said so many times that I would not have another car!  However, this was when I was back in Montreal and I have come to realise that life in Moncton is slightly different.  Although bus transit system is awesome for a small town, it still brings my husband late (by only 3 minutes) to work 2 days a week on average... his boss understands... for now.... not sure how long before this becomes a real issue!  Another thing is that with my son entering the cadets:  some places he has to go are really far off and not always accessible by bus! And he'd love to go.  We did look into carpooling and he is doing that for now BUT not all activities are mandatory  therefore for optionnal activities he depends on his drive... 

For me, personally,  having a car is still useless... and what's in it for me???  Not much! The only thing I can see, is that I will be able to go to the beach... which is 20 minutes from here but that I couldn't go to this summer because of transportation issues...  the rest, I could do without... but I see that it will have so some benefits for my son and husband... and isn't that what a family is all about?  Making it work for ALL members???

I am still not gona use that car for grocery shopping, going to work or shopping...  anything I can access otherwise I will and my husband and son too!  This is the agreement we came to, to minimize car amd gas usage! And stay in shape!!

I will also cancel my driver's license.  I do not like to drive... never did and never will! Plus with MS, they are giving my a hard time renewing it each year and I need to get doctor's note that "yes I can still drive"... and I just hate it!  It takes time and money...

Besides that, this week as more or less been routine... work, yoga, cooking...  I still wish I could read more...  and realise that if I would have a comfy spot to sit at home I would...  here comes the need for a couch... at least a small one.  Soon... I hope!   In the mean time, I could get use to read in my bed... I just never did so much...  so I don't think of it much!

Working with the public has given me a chance to experiment a few notions on human nature...  and relationships! And it is amazing... I am discovering so much about people!  For example, it is so right how your attitude changes the other's attitude...  coworker AND clients!  Even if they are with you a few seconds, if you change your attitude towards them every single day for a while, their attitude towards you changes too!  

One more thing about this week is that I have slow down so much that, on what I now call "busy days", I am not feeling so great at the end of the day! But I also know that this "busy day" is not even as busy as my life back in Montreal a year ago was... I can't remember how I did it!  I am not sure if my life there was "normal" or my life is here...  but I know that I much prefer my life here!  Less busy and more time to myself... more time to breathe and do nothing!

I do not have a lot more to say about this week...  as I am finally settling down to a lifestyle I wanted for myself... 

I will now reflect about the whole experiment and get back to you on Tuesday with a final post of my #108daystoanewlife !

thanks for reading!
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