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Saturday, September 6, 2014

#108 days - week 11?!? is it???

Seriously loosing track of time here....  seems like I have always been here in Moncton living with my son and husband...  I have really moved on and this is HOME now...  I am not realising that time goes by so fast...  I feel like time is stopped and life is allowing me a "vacation"... almost as if this is too good to be true and it won't last...  Can this really be life from now on?  Is it possible to be this happy and in the right place at the right time?  I have never really seen this before in my life! Sure there are few things I miss from Montreal...  Pierre D'Ailleurs, L'Heureux Boudha, Sophie Sucree, Resonnance Cafe and La Panthere Verte... and if I stop and force myself to think about it I will miss those places... but on a daily basis I am doing great here!  The only thing is that I wish people I loved could come and visit... because I am not sure when I'll be able to go back... I will have not time off for a few more months... and no money to afford a trip!

Here's what is going on:

I am really happy... and peaceful!  Life flows well and I do not have anything to force or fight for...
I do yoga and meditate 5-6 times a week...  but not for an hour... this was too much! 20-45 min depending on the days...
I read a lot... biographies and novels... and also self development and yoga books.
I love my hair (the silver and all)...  and the way I dress...  I feel genuine, authentic... and my scalp is healing... finally!
I bike to and from work and to and from all other places...  Moncton is small!
I cook simple healthy vegan meals... and can actually come up with new recipes on my own!
I am starting to have a strong desire to go back to drawing and painting...  maybe I'll give in...
I work part time on a job I love with very little money...  but it is worth so much more then just a salary....  I'll adjust my lifestyle over and over again before going back to a regular job...

Here are some recipe I came up with:

I do not have a picture because I do not have my iPhone...

You peel and cut some apples, throw them in a Pyrex container, add some vegan butter, quick cooking oats and brown sugar... put into the oven for about an hour (depending on the apples and how you like them cook), toss about twice during cooking... take out of the oven and enjoy warm! Delicious!!!

Another recipe I came up with is the following:  barley, "ground chicken" from St-Yves, celery, carrots, mushrooms, onions, garlic....  veggie broth, salt and herbs... cook in the oven for about 4h at 250F...  delicious and nutritious...

On another front, my son started school this week and he loves it!  OK maybe "love" is a strong word but he likes it more then he ever did!

I made a few changes to my home...  especially my bedroom which I am trying to make more cozy and bohomenian like... getting there...  I have to reuse only what I currently own so it's a challenge...  but a fun one! It requires creativity... Next to be adress will be living room... but this room too is almost there!

Still do not have a couch... or a washer/dryer...  Couch will come... washer/dryer probably not! I can very well the washer and dryer from the basement. I use the laundry room in my apartement to store bicycles, the cat litter, cat food and water as well as tools, luggage and other stuff...  it allows me to spread the stuff and be able to breathe...

I may be repeating myself...  but I love my new life... and I would not trade my old one back... which is good... and exactly why I wanted to do this 108 days to a new life...  to start from new and appreciate the life we created for us without looking back...  only move forward! On day 78, when writing this blog, I can already tell you that I have succeeded at that...  I didn't even need 108 days... let's wait and see what the remaining 31 days reserved for me....

thanks for reading!
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