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Friday, August 1, 2014

#108 days: week 6 done!!! Finally going somewhere...

Exactly what I have been working on this week (and over the past few years!)!!!  And it does give amazing results!

When I set up this project, I wanted to challenge myself... I wanted to create a life I love... a life I want... I life for ME.

At first, all the rules and restrictions and challenges were too demanding and in keeping up with them I was loosing myself... loosing the actual purpose of doing this! It didn't make sense.

I readjusted myself (changed a few rules) like I wrote before and it is now making much more sense... to me.  And really, that is all that matter in life... that your own life purpose/objectives makes sense to you...

I do feel like I want to feel: FREE!
I even surprised myself yesterday overly smiling for no apparent reasons other then I loved my life!

I have an amazing teenage boy.
The best husband ever.
I am about to start work I love.
I live in a quiet, nice town.
I have an amazing apartment with a view.
I can go about on my wonderful bicycle.
I have learned to dress with less n a way I love and that agrees with who I am.
I have made my apartment my home, the way I love...  no television, plants, flowers, cushions to sit on, all vintage/pre-owned furniture and starting with the pre-owned clothes and dishes.

I have, like the picture I chose for today,  made room for these things to happen.

I had to give up on work that does not suit me.
I had to give up on people that no longer belonged in my life.
I had to let go of a city I loved for so long but was no longer loving me.
I had to give up on what most people call the American dream - because it was not my dream.

Now I only wish that the people that have been there by my side over the last few months and assisted me in the last bit of my transformation were there to see me...  there to have tea with me... to see the amazing results the encouraged... the happiness that I now have...  a sense of calm/peace that I never experienced before...  I am talking about you Niki, Rosemary, Saranya...  and a few more who were less present physically but very supportive in a quiet and to the point way: Sophie, Jenny, Melanie and Nancy... Thanks to all of you... and I will always have tea and homemade cookies ready for you!

Now let's look at week 6 in pictures...

New velvet vintage dress that I bought for 20$. I know I was suppose to buy nothing... but couldn't resist velvet! 

Also got 3 tea cups, that were really 2$ each,  who reminded my of Niki and Saranya... 

I also got another plant...  because a boheme home needs lots of them... and quite frankly, they no longer scare me... I can do this!

and sunflowers...  because, well you know...

On another note... I also worked on an sewing project...  turned some cushions I had into better one for my decors using my old bedroom curtains.  here it is:

And last but not least, I have given up my iPhone...  and it was really hard for 24h... I felt lost and useless...  those things are addictive!!!!  But then I realised that I had more freedom not taking every single thing in picture...  not checking social media every hour... not checking weather and other apps just in case they changed....  It has given me much more time to do other things... like those cushions...  and reading...

And later on today I am trying a new yoga type:  Kripalu.  Never did that before... I did Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Kundalini...  curious to try another type...  What I am actually looking for is something right in between Ashtanga and Kundalini...  hope this will be it! My yoga type finally!

On that note, I will go on a bike ride for now.... enjoying my last few days as unemployed!!!

oups... the rules...  diet is OK! buying nothing.... well that you already saw...  yoga is good! no TV is amazing!!!  Up to 28 days!

Was suppose to start the 7 days fruits and veggies tomorrow... however with my new job on Monday, I will delay it because this job requires lots of standing and walking...  not sure it's the perfect time to eat less...  will readjust that and get back to you soon.

Have a lovely week end my friends!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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