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Sunday, August 31, 2014

#108 days : week 10 completed!

Week 10 is over...  and I am late writing this post...  it was "due" on Friday I know but when I got home from work Friday I was too tired... and then Saturday was thrown upside down by different events and then we lost in internet connection in the evening!  Plus Saturday night is movie night....  not negotiable! Today I worked....   and here I am now....  thinking about the past week...

What I did notice is the I have been much much lest present on the social media... and you know what?  Life still goes on! And actually even better because I get more time for MY life... which is also why this post is late... because I made myself a priority... not writing this... even though I really love writing this blog, sometimes it can be time consumming... and when I am too tired or too busy it can become too much (depending on how I look at it)... and it is not as much fun! 

Although I still will write every Tuesday and Friday, I will not beat myself up if I am late for whatever reason.... I know you guys will understand!

My Facebook page and Twitter account are now officially closed! I only have to take care of my personnal FB page (which you are welcome to follow), Pinterest and Google+.  This does free up so much time...

Also, iPhone is not used anymore.., not even as an iPod as a quick connection to all the social media anytime of the day (which I kept on doing even though it was not a phone anymore)...  I have to actually sit and open the computer... I can only do this twice a day... on good days!

As a result of less presence on the internet, I have more time to read actual book which I really do enjoy! I also can see that my creativity is up the roof!  I get really creative idea for drawing, crafts at home (to decorate with what I already own), dress up (recombining my clothes to create new outfits)... and also in the kitchen... I came up with a few recipes of my own and they are excellent!  I never did that before.

The other added benefit to being less present on the internet is that I have time to do my yoga Monday to Friday for at least 20 minutes!  This is important to me... and it does wonder for my health and sanity... but if I got caught up on my iPhone in the morning, I would sometimes no longer have time to do it... and it made me feel bad!

I also realise this week after reading one of my favorite blogger ( Tasmanian Minimalist), that I have just recently realise the minimalism is NOT a punishment...  it is not deprivation... I am not obliged to do it... I do it because I want to...  because I really deeply believe that this can make a difference in my stress... and financial life!  And it does.... I can now do work I love... and I am much less stress because I know I do not need as much money as I used too... and I owe less money...  and I actually have savings... never did this happen to me before!

It is also really cool to be able to clean up your whole home in about 45 minutes! Including bathroom! Can you imagine all the free time this gives me???  To do stuff I love???

These were all what came clear to me this week...  It was a week of self realisation.... and I often found myself smiling for no reason...  and with no one around...  with this internal feeling of being happy and at the right place...  this is AWESOME!

And it came with an overall sense of peace... and I love it!

Now on my plate for the upcoming week, is back to school for my son... in a new school, new system and new province! Also finding him a few extra curricular activities.....  and registering myself to a yoga school to actually practice with other and get to know people! Also this will bring about reworking the schedule for the whole family.... as I will also be working more hours... did I say I love my job?!? Also working on my pickling!!!  Got a few more recipes to try...

what about  you?  what did you realise about yourself recently?  do you need to make any changes to your own life? how will you do it?

thanks for reading!
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