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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More minimalist then I realised...

Going grey (or I was told to use silver) was something I have been thinking about doing for roughly 2 years! Yeah... THAT long! I kept asking people about it but they were telling me I would look 10 years older! This pushed me off.. but then I realise that I was often told that I looked 10 years younger then my age...  so this would actually bring me back to my real age!  And you know what, this was still worrying me... because who wants to look 40 something??? That is OLD...  That is what adults around me were when I was a teenager... well guess what?  I have a teenager...  and I am 41! You can try and hide it...  but it was becoming costly in so many ways:

1) I have this huge rash on my head... and it is itchy... and not fun... and because I use organic non allergenic shampoo and do not put any styling product for over a year now, I was told that this is probably due to an allergic reaction to the dying of my hair.

2)Because my hair grows so fast and has more and more silver in it, it required that I dyed it every 4 weeks max!  I started at 8 weeks, then down to 6... 5 and now 4???  What next? Every other week?  That didn't make sense to me...  it cost time... time spent with a hairdresser or alone in the bathroom with stinky toxic products rather then doing stuff I love. And how much of that product actually makes it to my bloodstream through my scalp? What effect will that have over time?

3) it costs a LOT of money... whether you opt for salon color or home coloring it adds up... I had already switch to home coloring a few years back but still...  it added up. 

For all those reason, health, time and money, it was the minimalistic thing to do.

I worked up the courage and for sure moving 1000 km away does help with the transition.  People here do not know me so they are not surprise by the change and they don't look at me differently.

Another thing that helped was to google pictures/blogs of women who did the same... for similar reasons!   Women that still looked good and not like grannys...  I sure didn't want to look older then my age!  I wanted to rock silver hair! 

What I realised the day before my appointment was that my clothes would probably have to change too.  Not in the style... I will still dress the same... but in color... around my face. I wondered if some color I owned in my wardrobe may no longer be appropriate!  After a few hours of surfing the internet and looking at color analysis pages, I came to the conclusion that with my skin, eye and new hair color, the following colors would no longer suit me:
grey ( pale to mid tone - really dark almost black grey would still be OK)
beige, tan, light brown (dark rich chocolate brown would still be OK)
pastels (every color)

I also realised that I would be better off with:
black (although black around your face past 40 is not to be used to often)
bright dark colors: red, royal blue, bright green, orange, pink, mustard, plum, purple, berries, teal...

as a result, I had to put away 20 some pieces of clothing (from all seasons).  Think about cleaning up your wardrobe!  I have no intention of replacing any of these right away. Maybe by fall I will need to had 2-3 pieces but not more than that!  Because pretty muck all my tops for fall and winter were beige and grey!
Forgot to add up all the remaining items but out of memory, I must not be over 60!  For all 4 seasons!  Isn't that great! Excluding coats and jackets...  just pants, skirt, dresses and tops.

Here's what needs to go:

This is why I was saying going silver may be even more minimalistic then I realise...  It will simplify my monthly routine (not having to go to the hairdresser or dye my hair at home) and spending.... as well as my options when shopping for new clothes.  Which I do not see in a near future since I already have enough!

What do you guys think? Would you try and go back to your natural color? Do you think of color coordinating your clothes with your hair, skin and eyes color? 

p.s. I actually am taking this with much more ease then I was expecting... probably because I was really ready for it!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!love&peace,

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  1. I'm only 36 and gave up colouring my hair last year. Had done henna for the previous two years. Love the no time and money wasted dyeing it. And actually enjoy the white hairs as they become more dominate. Had a teacher in secondary school with bum length white and silver hair she was stunning I hope I can emulate her aura as my own white shines through. Its a brave decision and one most people won't agree with. Love the freedom of it and feel more attractive now than ever.