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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Minimalism isn't always simple!

Well my friends.... 

I have to admit that being a minimalist, although is the best thing for me, is not always as simple as it may sound...  For example, switching from my iPhone to a normal cell phone...  Went to the store today and they have 1 model of non-intelligent cell phone...  but that is not the issue really... as long as I can text and phone, I couldn't care less for the choice of model: the problem is they ran out of stock of their one model...  yesterday!  How odd is that????   And the supplier is discontinuing this model so they have to change for another supplier and the new non-intelligent cell phone will not be available for a few days...  Guess who will wait and not fall pray to that b***s*** they were serving me???  I will go back Friday and see what can be done then.   I know...  I am being stubborn but for the needs I have there is roughly a 40$ per month difference between an intelligent and non-intelligent phone.  I need that 40$ per month! To do work I love instead of work to pay the bills!

On that note, I am happy to say that I did find a job...  I cannot say where just yet BUT I can say so much that it will be something I love... Part-time...  Not as stressful...  Perfect for my health!

However, this job required a small investment as they have a specific dress code and I did not have much that complied with it! Therefore I needed to go shopping!  Old me would have said: `"Yay!  An excuse to buy stuff"...  New me, not so much... and I actually realised that I no longer love shopping... because it is not as easy when you need specific items, that those items also have to fit in with your current wardrobe, they have to reflect your style, be at a price you are willing to pay... and you actually need to pay for it because you do not use a credit card...  All I could see was money out the window! But I need to admit that I did find the items I was looking for, at a price that was convenient AND those items will do for that job, week ends and will also be appropriate for mostly any other jobs I could do.   Another plus was that being end of season, I got really good deals so the cash out was not as bad as I expected!

I am very exited that after all those years of being a minimalist I am finally at a place where I can start working at a job I love... it took a long time and it's a long shot because financially I am still not where I would love to be! It will require that I make magic with what we have available to not only pay the bills but pay back our last debt and continue increasing our savings.

It is worth all the efforts...

A small trick for saving money on groceries:  at my store, which is 10 minutes walking distance and on my way to work, they have a special on Tuesday where if you buy 10$ of fruits and veggies, you can save 10$ on your next bill!  Well guess who will go twice on Tuesday to the grocery store to stock up on fruits and veggies and get 2 x 10$ discount???  Guilty as charged! And I will wait to do the rest of my grocery shopping on the remainder of the week!  This will mean 4 trips to the grocery store per week but since I go with a lost and only get what's on it, it doesn't cost me anymore!  Check out your grocery store if they have that kind of special!

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  1. I'm happy for you, Nathalie! And I'm very curious to know all about your new job!