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Monday, July 7, 2014

La riviere trouve toujours son chemin....

This is a river in Moncton called "Le Mascaret". Seeing it, as well as the sunset over Jones lake, every day since I've been here has been an eye opener or should I say a gentle reminder?

I came here with an open mind...  trying to be open to what comes my way.  Of course I had given myself goals and objectives with the #108daystoanewlife challenge. However, today's post is not about that... but rather about how amazing it is that life goes on no matter what...

In one of my favorite TV shows from years ago called "La vie La vie" they were always coming back to this saying: La riviere trouve toujours son chemin.   Which basically translate to "the river always find its way" and means that no matter what, life goes on... no matter what, it always works out in the end.  Because this is what life is all about.  Making it work out or letting it work out it's own way.

What I've realise it that when you let go, when you surrender...  life has nice surprises.  Most times nicer then what you may have thought about.  I came here with a plan... but things are evolving in another way... too early for me to mention anything but I am surprise at the turn of events I am seeing...

Basically what I am trying to say is that in learning to trust life...  in learning that everything happens for a reason... in believing that when a doors shuts down another one opens up...  magic happens...  your life gets filled with what makes you happy... with what you were meant to have/be.  It really does work... but you do have to completely let go and stay receptive to signals...  stay open minded to stuff you may not have thought was for you... 

You have to stop trying to direct the river...  because it will finds it's natural way with much less damages then you may have cause... with a greater ease...

Let go
And see...

thanks for reading!
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