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Friday, July 4, 2014

108 days: and then it will really start...

This is me on Canada day...  walking by the Mascaret.   It was at high level at the time I passed by.  This river is influenced by the bay and experiences very significant tides twice a day. The base is clay...  water is not clear at all... it is a highly touristic attraction.

This week as been very high in emotions of all sorts!  There has been good days and bad days...  very good days and very bad days... and sometimes all on the same day!

We've discovered our new city a little more...
One thing that amuses me is that some bus routes do not have stops.  You need to call the bus like a cab when it passes by!
I've got back in my cooking and baking habits slowly but I am still not there 100% .  Having trouble getting organised.

We are still looking for jobs... in a way.  My husband found 2 jobs... and his currently working at both since one only has 20h/week and the other is quite far but may offer more hours.  He also has another interview for something closer and more in tune with what he was hoping for. We'll see how that goes.

On my side, I did a few applications for jobs... and waiting to hear from them.

Finding jobs here is not difficult... but finding jobs that are full time and very well paid is not has easy.  However, because we have decrease our cost of living, we do not need as much money and might be able to do work we love instead of work we need to do to pay bills. This was, after all, one of the reason we came here.   Did you know that doing a job you love is equivalent to getting 10k more on your pay check?  And working within walking distance from home is also worth 10k?  In the sense that not needing a car or public transit to go to work decreases your cost of living by about 10k a year... and it has been proven then when you are happy at work you spend less outside of work to compensate (like shopping, vacations, alcohol...).  Something to think about isn't?

My son is also adapting quite easily...  his English speaking skills have already improved. However, he will be back to Montreal for 5 weeks as of tomorrow hence the last 2 weeks felt more like a vacation to him.  The real test will be once he gets back and start school! I must say that I am nonetheless impressed with how this experience is turning him into a more mature and responsible young men!

As for the rest.... what struck me more this week:

1) The high traffic on my street due to a duck and her babies crossing the street.  And there was not one single honking by any cars!!!
2) The fact that veganism is not weird here even though there are meat and seafood everywhere. You can find that most places will know and accommodate vegans  without asking a zillion annoying questions!
3) The fact that almost every time you stop walking and look at the street all the cars stop in case you wish to cross the street.
4) The price of some vegan stuff I use to buy in Montreal is cheaper here: like Almond milk, St-Yves mocked meat, Vegenaise... these are a few examples.
5) The price of some non-vegan stuff is also cheaper: peanut butter is the one that struck me the most since I did not buy much of anything else but fruits and veggies yet.
6) And last but not least, all the easy going, smiling people!  And I think it is contagious... I am starting to talk and smile to everyone.  Very unlike me who is usually more of an introvert!  

As for my rules... went pretty well.  I did post a picture everyday. I did not buy anything. I wrote in my journal every night but one. I am however having trouble writing consistently in my book "642 things to write about".  I did not cheat on my diet this week - no process snacks and nothing to eat after 7pm but fruits.

Tomorrow starts my 21 days yoga challenge.  I am set in my mind to do that.  However my physical body may have troubles as I am pretty much let go of my practice in the last 3 weeks due to the move here in Moncton.  However, my yoga practice of several years will help me insure I do not hurt myself and get back on track.

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!love&peace,

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