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Monday, June 30, 2014

Life in Moncton

It's been a little over a week I moved into my new city.  I have gone trough all sorts of emotions. It is a much bigger life change than I anticipated.   Let me explain...

People are really nice here... and always ready to help you out...  We even had someone offering to help us empty the truck...  but there was so little stuff and I was so surprised by this offering that I said "no thanks, it's all good".  People on the street and bus drivers are always ready to offer you help when you seem lost...  We even had several people say "hi" to us for apparently no other reasons then we are human! THAT I am not use to... in Montreal, you can go by the same people day after day and NEVER you or they will say anything! I even had people stop me on the street to say they love the way I dress and asked me where I bought them! :-)

All this is really good, but also quite demanding to me... in the sense that I grew up in a city where you can go unnoticed for all your life if you wish to or if you don't make sufficient efforts not to!

I will give myself 21 days as one of my best friend suggested!

The other thing is Moncton is much smaller then Montreal.  No surprise there. The public transit system is actually much better then I anticipated but works very differently then what I am use to.  Instead of "streets", bus lines are by circuit. Using 2 of the main circuits you can actually go from one end of Moncton to the   other in about 30 minutes! That is great!  And there is air conditioning.  All greater Moncton is covered by public transit from early morning to late evening - but not night! Buses are actually ON TIME! Funny thing:  when you want to go out at a station, you ring the bell but you stay seated until the bus stop!  Not use to that.

Being such a small place, and my family being such great walkers, we can actually cover most places we need to go to by walking! Much cheaper then public transit in the long run and serve as exercise!

We can actually find all we need within no too long walking distance: groceries, pharmacy, health food store, vege/vegan restaurants, and even some vegan friendly restaurants! People here are NOT surprise when you say you are vegan and they actually know what you mean!  THIS was a shock to me.

I have walked, over  the last week, more then ever I think. I also realise that everything we really need is close but everything we want to avoid is further! Like shopping places! We either have to walk 10 minutes and take the bus for 15 min or walk 50 min to get to a shopping area! This is great for us who wish to cut down on time spent shopping! Way to go minimalism.

Another thing that surprised me in a good way is the Moncton Market.  It was much bigger then I expected and much more diversified then I assumed. I know where I will be spending my Saturday mornings for the next 51 weeks! least...

Last but not least, the lake view is AMAZING! I love watching the sunset and the quiet water in the morning.  I also found where I will be doing my yoga outside without too much disturbance: but a few baby ducks and baby geese.

This week we are planning at having a look at the Centennial Park and the River front park.  Two huge green areas close by my apartment. Lots to do there apparently.

Also still looking for jobs...  but there has been some development there.

All in all, we are adapting quite well.  We still need to find other ways then walking downtown to spent time - as downtown takes about 1h to cover!

Up until now this is a positive experiment. We'll see what comes next! One day at a time!

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