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Friday, June 6, 2014

#108 days - The rules

Today I am announcing the rule of my #108daystoanewlife project.

But first off, I want to say that those rules are mine.  I came up with them according to what I want to work on and discussed them with my lovely husband who is being supportive of this crazy experience I am getting on to.

The rules are NOT to be changed from now on.
Objectives cannot be deleted.
If I cannot succeed at one of a few of them, I guarantee you that I will be 100% honest with it.

The result is not a pass or fail.  I want to work on myself, go beyond certain limits I have created for myself and see what happens when I do.

I would also like to add that I can add stuff/challenges/rules as seem necessary as per my new environment.  Who knows what limitation or boundaries I will encounter in that new city.  I cannot know before I get there.

Rules are:

Project start:  June 21 2014
Project end: October 6th 2014

- Post a picture on social medias
- Keep a journal - never did that for more then 3 days in a row!

-Every Friday there will be a blog post about the past week.


1)Not buy anything that is not food or a vital necessity.  If I do, I have to post a picture and amount of money spent. This will not be easy for me - being in a new place, I will want to buy stuff...
  There are 2 exceptions to that rule:
    a) what my son needs for school
    b) missing furniture: couch, dinner table, coffee table, washer and dryer - but must be bought used

2) Complete a Treego obstacle - I am afraid of heights and I could never do one of those things where you go from one tree to another in the forest - it is ridiculous, there is absolutely no danger!

3) I will do a fruit/veggie cleanse for 7 days - on those days, I will be eating only fruits and veggies.  They can be raw or cooked.  A little oil/ herbs/spice are permitted. Smoothies are also permitted but with no "milk" or any protein added to it in the form of nuts and seeds. Juicing is OK of course. If all fails and I really cannot stand my hunger, I am allowing myself 2 handfuls of nuts per day - but I will have to mention it.

4) Do yoga in the park at least 7 times - always too shy to practice outside where people could see me

5) Let my hair go back to their natural color - by day 21, I will have to cut my hair and not dye it again at least until my 108 days are over. I will post picture of my natural color. After the 108 days are over I can choose to stay natural or dye again. This is one of the biggest objective for me.  I've been wanting to do that for 2 years now.  Now is the time!

6) Get an indoor plant and keep it alive!

7) For 21 consecutive days, I will do at least 1h yoga.  I do a regular practice but most time shorter than that and never did 21 consecutive days. - I rather practice 3-4 times a week

8) For 21 days I will wake up at 6am and go for an hour walk before breakfast.  Rain or shine.

9) For 21 consecutive days, I will try a new recipe.  Recipes are to be choose a little later and will be shared on my weekly post when I do chose them

10) I will have to read the books in the above picture at a minimum.  I will not list them here but as they are completed, I will share with you  on my weekly post - and if by the end I did not complete all the reading I wanted to do, I will mention which are left.

11) Do one writing exercise in my "642 things to write" about book per day

12) Get a tattoo - my first and only one - for 4 years now I wanted to get one - I finally chose which one - I will have to get over my fear of that.  The image I choose is very significant to me and I will explain it to you once I get it done.

13) No processed snack (chips, cookies, crackers...) for 108 days - if I cheat' I'll have to mention it

14) No eating after 7 pm for 108 days.  In the case where I would be really hungry, fruits would be permitted - If I cheat (meaning something else then fruits), I'll have to mention it

15) Organize a vegan potluck to meet new vegan friends in Moncton - this is not something I am comfortable with or ever did... but I want to try it and see what happens!

That's it!

This is my challenge... my adventure... as I have designed it.

Now I have 2 weeks to get it into my brain... and get ready.

This is addressing a few things that I still not making completely satisfy in my life.  I can't wait to get started and see how it goes.

Any new challenges that I did not think about and comes up will be shared.
The "agenda" will also be determined within the next two weeks and I will share with you in due time.

Wish me luck!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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