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Friday, June 27, 2014

#108 days - 7 done/101 to go!

Long time no « speak »…

I missed this blog… I love writing on it and having no internet connection beside my phone was not working well for me.  Now, everything is back to normal and therefore I will resume with my usual writing habit!
On Friday, this blog is dedicates to my #108 days project.  As you probably know, today marks the end of week one.

In terms of my challenge, it was not the busiest and scariest one and next week isn’t either.
I have used this first week to move to a new city and a new province. It has been challenging, not in terms of #108 days, but in terms of adaption to a completely new city… and a completely different one. Some parts have been going well other are a little more challenging but that’s OK.  I am taking what comes my way as it does.  Trying not to create expectations.  That was part of the reason for moving – to get out of my usual habit, expectations and deceptions.  To take on new things, challenges and create a new life.  You can’t create anything new when you’re stuck in old molds.

For every day life, I have grocery store right near by, walking distance. This is all we really need on a regular basis.  I also have a wonderful view with a park and a lake right across the street. There are plenty of ducks, gooses, a blue heron and many other birds.
For week end and special occasions, there is a Starbucks, 15 min walking distance.

And there is a vegetarian restaurant 20 min walking distance – a little pricey but I have yet 2 more to try.
I have been surprised that grocery is a little cheaper then in Montreal – this is good news.

I also have been surprised that for a city that is 3 times smaller then Montreal, everything is so well scattered that everything is close and far at the same time – I will need to plan my “trips” better in order to avoid walking useless steps. Not that I ming walking but wasting time because I did not plan well is NOT my favorite!
Last but not least of the surprise, even though I had never visited the apartment before renting it is in GREAT condition, everything was painted and clean AND it suits us perfectly! Having visited it, I would have chosen the exact same one!

What kept us busy this week:

1)      Setting up our new place – we’re all done!  Only need to get a dining table. The rest will stay as is. As per my rules, dining table needs to be used!  We already located a antique store and I will also be looking on Craiglist, kijiji and Freecycle. In a later post, I will share pictures of my new place with you guys. Pictures of my place will follow in another blog post...

2)      Setting up internet connection – this has been surprisingly difficult as there was some issues with the modem they sent me.

3)      Figuring out where to get what.  We walked countless number of hours to see what is within walking distance and what will need public transit.  And when I say countless numbers of hours, I am not exaggerating – for example, on one day we took 2 hours 30 minutes to make it to the area where there’s the mall, Chapters, movies and Bulk Barn. Of course we did a few stop on the road but still, we took the bus back home!

4)      Figured out how public transit work – surprisingly quite easy, efficient and cheaper then Montreal – and MUCH LESS crowded!

5)      Got our membership at the library and took out some books

6)      Started looking for jobs

Nonetheless, I have managed to follow most of my rule most of the time.

-          Did my daily journaling

-          Wrote in my “642 things to write about” every day but Wednesday

-          No processed crap except for a small bag of chips at Subway when we got to Moncton and were done unloading the truck – it was 3pm and we didn’t had lunch yet. I know it’s no excuse and I am not trying to find one.  I cheated. Period.

-          No eating something else then fruits after 7pm except for 5 dark chocolate coated almonds on Thursday night.

-          Posted daily pictures on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook of my journey with #108daystoanewlife

All in all it has been a good first week.  I am expecting week 2 to be similar…. A little disorganised and all over the place. But hey, that’s what happens when you decide upon making such a big move.




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