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Monday, May 19, 2014

Saying good bye

As you may know, for having read Life Happens or this blog, I have, in the past, had to part ways with many people...

When one changes so much, like I did, some people will not follow or jump on board...  or simply no longer like you... and vice versa! And that's OK.  New people will come on board!  That is the beauty of life: it brings you people you need when you need them.

Getting MS, starting a yoga practice and as a result becoming minimalist vegan and healing myself was the best thing that ever happened to me.

And still is.

It also was the worse.

And still is.

In the sense that MS will always "be there" in a way... and it will always be the major reason why I do or do not do something (like running) .  Managing my health is priority #1.  And will always be. It should be for everyone I believe but in my case, it needs to be even more strict: just a short deviation can have dramatic consequences.

Ever since I announce I would be moving to Moncton towards the end of June, mostly for health reasons (in the sense that I need to be able to work less hours and have less stress), I have had all kind of comments...  and reactions!

This is bringing a turmoil of emotions inside of me and I have a hard time managing them.  I really need to increase my meditation/yoga practice to help me deal with this.  Eating cookies and candies, even though vegan ones, is not the ideal way to deal with this!

As we are almost a month  away from the big move, I am realising that a lot will change...  for the better... mostly... but there will also be some very sad moments. 

I am slowly starting to say good bye to my town.  I have been here 41 years and it is all I know.  Yes it has become a place that no longer suit me but still... it was comfortable. This week end, I started realising that some places, I will never go to again... before I leave anyway.

I also started meeting friends to say good bye.... and this is really painful!  Of course Moncton is not THAT far and I will come back to Montreal to visit but it will not be the same... and no matter how people say they will come and  visit, I know that in most cases, life will be life and they won't (but those who do show up will always be welcome)!  And that's OK. Thinking they might come helps in the transition...  for them... and for me...

The other thing that amazes me with this experience is that people's reaction are not so predictable... I had people asking to meet me before I leave and really not expected it... and I have people who I wish would ask and they don't...  I also have people who I wish would make time because I asked and they won't... 

This going away thing really is an eye opener in regards to my relationship with people... Some people seem to care more about me than I imagine and some less then I assumed. Or would love to.

It probably will also be an eye opener on many other things but this I will share with you as I find out...

For now, I am saying good bye...  to shops, restaurants, streets, bus route... and most importantly to people...  people I have know for a long time or not... 

I have never been good with good byes.  This is a real challenge for me...  I'd rather not have to think about it...  Normally I would have just left but I know I need to grow up and learn this important phase.  Some good will come out of it.  This is what I need to concentrate on.

What about you?  Have you had such an experience?  How do you handle good byes?

thanks for reading!
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