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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thrift shopping and a capsule wardrobe


On March 18th, I had share with you 2 items I bought and I thought were really good deals.  However, some suggested that I could find much better deal at thrift stores. And I think they are probably right... You can read about my 2 items and why I thought it was a good deal here.

Following the comment, I had challenge myself to go into a thrift store, buy an item and wear it in 3 different ways... 
You can read about my challenge here.

Now it's time for me to hand in the results...
I did ask around about thrift stores...
I did go into 3-4 of them...
BUT, I did not find anything I really liked, that fit me, that seem to be my style and that was at a reasonable price.

I did find an amazing dress that was 35$.  I can find new stuff for the same price or much lower!

Maybe I went into the wrong shops...  maybe I did not know what to look for...  maybe it was a timing issue... but still I failed with that challenge.

I know I won't have time to go back before the end of the week...  so this is it!

To be quite honest, I felt weird into those store.  Like if I was in the wrong place... like if I did not belong.  I got the feeling that I was taking something away from someone who needs it more than me and that can't afford to pay higher price. It's probably just me but this is how I felt.

I will try again...  I know... because the fact of not buying new does appeal to me since no new material is used up and it seems so much more ecological and economical! Not to mention ethical with all the sweat shops creating our clothes today.

Maybe there are a few tricks I am not aware of when going into thrift stores!
I will give it another try...

In the meantime, I still used my creativity and 15$ to come up with 11 outfits! yes 11!!!

I went into Old Navy and they were having this huge sale. I went in because my teenager son, who grows faster then spring comes, needed clothes!  There was a dress, that was honestly not really me, on sale for 15$! I loved the print it had and the color but not the dress.  Right away I saw I could cut the skirt part of the dress and wear it as a skirt.  Not sewing required as this t-shirt type material. I had done it before!

Here's the dress: it has tiny white flowers on a red/pink background

And here's a close up of the print:

I really loved the print... I was looking for something like that for the summer.  I also love this material for summer skirt - it's versatile, not too hot and doesn't need ironing... EVER!
The only thing I did is cut above the waist and the included belt hold everything in place.
I added a few pieces I already own that will be in my May wardrobe and voila! I created all those outfits:

Here is the list of items required to create those 11 looks and probably more if you mix and match furthermore!

Green scarf
Flower scarf
Navy scarf
Chambray shirt
Denim jacket
Grey vest
Grey long sleeve T
Striped 3/4 sleeve T
Black cami
White cami
Zebra T
Pastel blue T
Navy blue T
Yellow printed T
Black converse
Flip Flop

Can you imagine if I add a few more tops, 2 pairs of  shorts, long jeans and a another skirt I am set for all summer!  Probably with 33 items or maybe less....  I will keep this list in mind while preparing my May wardrobe!  But this leaves me with more summer clothes that would be unused!  Oh my!  Being an ex-shopaholic is not easy... I keep giving away but it seems like there is always more!  lol

I will need to make a few more decisions in regards to my wardrobe!

What do you think of those outfits?  Is there anymore you would create with this skirt?
Is a 15$ investment seems reasonable for his dress turned into a skirt?

Please let me know what you think...

thanks for reading!  and sharing!