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Monday, April 7, 2014

One step forward - no more television


today's post is touching a sensitive issue... but I had to do it.

I am glad and anxious to announce that I have cancelled my television services as of April 10th.

Glad because to me this is one step forward in the direction my husband and I want to go - that is, completely without a television - not just the service but the actual device.
Now I understand that this next step might be a while away...  because my son would "kill" me if he could not have access to his PS4!  His time is already limited to week ends and he can handle that but not at all would just be cruel - so I find.

Glad because even though we took Netflix, and most of the shows I watched are also available on Web TV, I know that this is going to be more complicated to me and therefore I know I will watch less TV.  I also know that my son will do to.  Not that we watch a lot because that too is limited in our household, but ideally, if we could do without and only watch a movie every now an then, that would be awesome!

Glad because as you know, I am trying to save money every which way possible and this is saving me a lot.  My television service, which did not even include more than the basic channels and 10 extras was costing me before taxes a crazy 79,93$.  All that to watch roughly 3 shows a week and maybe a movie, or a few more shows, on the week end!  My son would also watch on a regular basis a couple of shows but still...  that was wasted money! According to me... and for my family... (I completely understand if you have a different situation - priorities are not the same to all!)  Netflix on the other hand is 7.99$ and Web TV is free as long as your Internet service provide you with enough data... which it does - but I will closely monitor this over the next few months. I am saving 71.94$ per month!!!  This is 863$ per years.... what if I can put that towards my savings?  In 5 years, without interest, I would have a little over 4000$ - enough for a nice minimalist trip for my husband and I!

I also said I was anxious...  of course I am... I have had access to a television for 41 years! I have watched more or less of it over the years...  with a peak in my early twenties when I moved out on my own  and another one during my early thirties when I was sick.  It is considered a convenience in today's world.  It is was start most major adult discussions:  " did you see ____  on TV last night?".  I already feel excluded most times because I only watch a few selected shows... but now it might be even less.  It will be even less.

Anxious because television is the easy way out.  It is so easy to sit on the couch and watch TV while eating.  You do not have to be creative, you do not have to think - we just mechanically do it.  We even tend to organize our schedule around it :  one of the shows I watch is at 9pm - well guess what?  I am always ready to watch it.  If need be, I'll schedule my meditation or yoga practice around it, I will stop writing or reading even if I am in the middle of something that really interest me. I will time my time out of the house in such a way that I have time to be back, do what I intended to do and be ready for 9pm.  I even ignore a phone call to not be disturb...  I am really ashamed of that! I am sorry.

And to be 100% honest, here's the breakdown of what I watched weekly:
NCIS - Monday to Saturday 9pm
Hawaii 5-0 once a week - recorded to watch with my son
Elementary once a week - recorded to watch with my husband.

And when I am tired or "depressed" I will watch anything that involves clothes or decoration.  How is that helping me?  It makes me want to shop...  Not good!  It creates "needs" and "wants".   Fake one obviously.

As you can see, I was watching, on average, if you add a few of hours on the week end, 12-13 hours of television per week.  I am curious to see what the new numbers will be like.  I will keep that closely monitored too and will let you know about it in about 2 months.  

Now what can I do with those extra hours?

More yoga
More meditation
More drawing
More reading
More writing
More nothing

I know you might be thinking "more nothing" - well there is some added value to not doing anything...  just being. It clears your mind.  It boosts your creativity.  It allows for observation of human nature which is fascinating.

That said, would you consider letting go of your TV service or TV completely?  Have you already done it? Do you know how much extra time it would give you?  Honestly. What would you do with that extra time?

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thanks for reading!  and sharing!


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