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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Listing of my items - what does a minimalist home contains?

I often get asked what my home looks like. Some think I sit on the floor. Or have no television. Or no books.  It all depends on your conception of minimalist.

At the risk of repeating myself, minimalism is not about restraint, or about living poorly but rather about doing more with less.  In the sense of using all you have all the time: not keeping anything for a special occasion because every day is a special occasion. It's about keeping what you love and care for and use on a regular basis and getting rid of the rest.  Someones left over can be someone Else's treasure.  Share.

I decided in this post to list everything I own.  The stuff that my husband and I own, not my son. Excluding clothes as you are probably aware, just as well as me, of the clothes I own, if you're read prior posts. (unfortunately, I cannot put a link to all of the here but if you look in the "minimalist" section you should find them easily.)

By doing this exercise, it also allows me to see that I own less stuff than before.  Much less.  I will be thrilled the next time I move.

Living room:

1 PS4
1 Internet modem
1 TV table - going to be revisited soon and this table will be either hand down to my son or gone
2 end tables
1 foot rest
1 "couch" as seen in the picture
3 cushions
1 throw
2 lamps
1 CD player - will be gone once all our CD are transferred to my iPhone - In Process
1 rocking chair with it's throw
2 picture frames - picture my brother took - he's a photograph
1 Chakras flag


1 desk and it's chair - from my dad - made around early 1960
office supplies (in the desk - minimal amount)
desk lamp
lap top
2 wall shelves - will go soon - I have no use for them
Big piece of furniture - wedding gift and carries all my inspiration stuff and books
2 Buddha
1 Troll
1 crying yogi
1 Himalayan salt lamp to purify the energy
1 xylophone
1 singing bowl
a few more decorative items as you can see in the picture
1 elephant wall tapestry from India (hand made, fair trade)
4 picture frames - all stuff my son, husband and I did - serve as inspiration
51 books - put away in drawers -  looked at on a regular basis (includes cookbook)
4 magazines - kept for reference purpose
A few CDs left to transfer
A few DVDs to let go now that we have Netflix
2 yoga mats


About to be redesign:  meaning I will paint the drawer set in a light color, change the bed cover to orange and the curtains to not sure what yet...  More on that in a later post

Sheets, blanket and bed cover - not that there is not extra set of anything - wash and reinstall
Chair that doubles as night stand
Drawer set - 4 drawers and 1 mirror - from my grand-parents - made around 1930
Art frame made by me - inspiration for the redesign of my bedroom
Himalayan salt lamp
Metal box to empty pocket - from my grand mother - quite old too
Small 5x7 wedding picture frame
Alarm clock


Please note that I currently do not own appliances - they are there in my kitchen but were sold - I wish to no longer own them but rent a place that lease them - less to move around - more flexibility.
I also do not have a dining table - temporarily using the patio coffee table - wishing to rent my next place with a breakfast stool and not need one - or go toward something different - like eating on the floor

3 chairs - evaluate need once I have my new place and "dining" area
1 piece of furniture to hold official doc - from the 60s to be turned into my new TV table
Cooking/baking stuff - more on that list in Minimalist Veganism
Plastic container for lunches and left over food
Glass containers to store food in pantry and fridge
1 juicer
1 kettle
2 tea pots
1 espresso coffee maker
4 stainless to go mugs for hot drinks
1 glass jar with filtered water - we drink water at room temperature
1 glass for drinking water
3 mixing/serving bowls (they handle both functions)
2 small service plates for condiments
Dishes/glasses/mugs set for each resident of our home - made a post about that here
4 extra mugs for visitors
3 extra bowls for snacks
6 of each: knives, forks, desert forks, spoons, big spoons
1 docking station
1 Buddha
official documents


1 coat-peg - handmade for me by a dear friend who is no longer with us
1 mirror
1 picture frame - another picture from my brother

On top of all that:
Incense as well as candles and candle holder in every room.
Each have a shower towel, a beach towel and a toothbrush.
1 hair dryer - need to evaluate need for that
2 electric shaver (beard and hair).
1 electric iron for ironing of clothes - also need to evaluate need for that.
Cleaning stuff (bucket, mop, rags).
1 hamper.
2 sets of "Christmas" lights used year round to create atmosphere.
1 Christmas tree and a few decorations.
One family travel bag and one individual travel bag each.

This exercise took me a while to do... and write about.  But I find it well worth it! It helps to see if I am heading where I want to.  Quite frankly, I never ever  thought I could be so much of a minimalist.  I had a hard time letting go of anything at first, but the principle grew on me and as my well being increased, my need for even less stuff and more freedom did too.

It also helps to realise exactly what you own...  not forgetting what is store in a closet you do not open often... We tend to forget consciously stuff but our unconsciousness does not forget!

I may be far from Dave Bruno and his 100 things challenge but I am getting closer (if you take into account only what is mine and not about to go)... not that this is my target but when I first came across this guy, I thought he was crazy!  Well not anymore.  And if you think I am crazy... and are still reading.... watch out!!!  You might be the next crazy one!

Have you ever done such an exercise?
Did it open your eyes on your possessions?

thanks for reading!  and sharing!


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