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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dress with less - project 333 - may to september 2014

We are getting close to the end of April...  end of a month, means having to get my clothes for the following month selected and sorted out. 

If you remember, I had 33 items in my April wardrobe but only 15 items in my March wardrobe.

In March I wanted to challenge and test myself!  in April, I felt like including more to give more options!

In retrospect, this was a very interesting experiment... actually proving, in contrary to what I was expecting, that in regards to clothes, I am always very critical and indecisive!

I have mixed emotions!

1) I feel like I have too much clothes overall
2) I wish I had more... on some days....  OK maybe not more, but different!
3) When I am away from temptations (read here: magazines, malls, shops) I am perfectly happy with my clothes... but when I am closer to the "devil", I  want to shop!  Only difference with before is that I can now rationalize myself and not buy anything in most cases!
4) I can't let go of anymore clothes.... I really love them all at this point!
5) I am having a "bad" day, I should definitely stay away from shopping areas!

In March I got tired of my 15 items...  there was not enough options and not enough colors...  in April, I doubled my wardrobe... but realise by the end of the month that I may have wore 15 items most of the times... and the reminder on a few occasions only! What is the saying? that we wear 20% or our wardrobe 80% of the time?  Well, I can honestly say that I wore 50% of my wardrobe 80% of the time! Whereas in March, I wore 100% or it 100% of the time! Interesting...

Although, less makes me feel unsatisfied, more means I won't use all of it! And not necessarily be more satisfied!
What do you think of that?
It confuses me....  not sure what conclusion to draw yet! Any suggestion?

Do I like to have to have stuff just for the sake of it???  Do I just like to know that I have options? Have I not learned anything over the past years???

Now in May, I want to do different....  because the weather here is not improving so much... it still feels like late winter or very early spring!  I know by experience when we have such a bad April, we may end up switching the jeans and warm jacket for flip flops, shorts and tank top! Therefore selecting items for May is challenging... and quite frankly I have a LOT of clothes that can apply for late spring, summer and early fall!  Of course the items listed in this post will be included in my May wardrobe.  Another thing is that I am getting tired of selecting items every month...  doing so for 5 months will give me a break!

But what I really wish to do is take all the remaining items in my wardrobe and put them to test.  Therefore, all the items in the following 3 pictures will be part of my wardrobe starting now until the end of September!  5 months total!

And what I did is I have hang everything with the hanger reverse to what we usually do (I did after I took the picture so you can't see it here)...  like all my clothes are facing backwards...  every time I wear something and like how I feel and do not force myself to wear it in order to "save" the item, I will turn the hanger around... what ever has not been worn by the end of September will still be "backwards" and hence donated to charity!

All in all, without footwear... but including scarves, which are not in the pictures, this is a grand total of 52 items.  Some have been with me for a few seasons past already... they are just very versatile and can adapt from one season to another... 

I can't wait to see what happens with this number of items!  In September I will let you know... 


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