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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What are you waiting for?

Life goes by so fast...
But where does it go???  What happened with all that time we were granted when we were born?

I often write about living YOUR life NOW!
But I sometimes have a hard time finding an image to make it "clear" to people...
A blog I follow, Marc and Angel Hack Life ,found the perfect image for me to use for your guys...

Why am I telling you guys to live YOUR life NOW? Why do I not tell you to come up with the perfect condition and environment first? Why do I not advise you to take your time, get the perfect timing, save money, find love, get a house, have kids, find the perfect job and THEN live your life? That would be the "smart", "reasonable" thing to do right?

Well, let's be really honest here... timing will never be more perfect than it is now!!!  Why? Because nothing will ever be perfect...  there's always something else that needs "fixing" first...  so why not live your dreams now in the imperfection???  Before it is too late.....

And here's the perfect comparison my friend Marc and Angel taught me... Each day you are granted 86 400 seconds!  Brand new.... and you have 24 hours to use them...  There is no carry over....  whatever you did not use is LOST!  Forever!!!

Therefore, what I am saying is that if you do not live your dreams now, there is no carry over...  for when life is perfect for you to live your dreams!  If you are not using your "dream time" every day...  it's lost... it's gone... and you might never be able to invest more of your 86 400 seconds on any day towards our dreams then you are now... only because life happens... there's always things to be fixed...  better places to live...  better jobs.... maybe more kids... a sick friend/relative... a lost one...

What if you invested more time towards your dreams and less towards reaching "perfection"?  What if "perfection" would then just find you???  What if we are so busy running after things that are not meant for us that the things that are meant for us no longer finds us?

Now, all that been said (or wrote) what percentage of your 86 400 seconds will be used for fulfilling your dreams? What dream will you work on today?  What will you drop/change in your current life in order to liberate "dream time"? How will you organize your priorities from now on to stop wasting "dream time"?

And do not tell me you have no dreams...  maybe you buried them deep down inside of you... maybe you "forgot" about them because you thought you'll never have time... well now you do! 



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