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Monday, March 3, 2014

Minimalism - pauverty and gratitude

I've been a minimalist or aspiring minimalist for a few years now...
Now at what point do you consider yourself a minimalist?  Not sure if there a set rule.... I would say that as long as you're trying.... you're part of that movement... it's a continuous process anyway!
If you're decluttering... improving your financial situation.... improving your life condition...  you're a minimalist! As per my rules anyway...

Now, even if I would say that 95% of the time I am truly happy and peaceful about being a minimalist, I can also say that about 5% of the time, I have my doubts... my weak moments... my fears...  even after all that time!

Sometimes, when times are hard financially, like now, because I am unemployed, I want to go on a vacation and run away... I want to go on a shopping spree.... after all, they all  make it look like I would be so much happier...  but I know I would not! Maybe momentarily...  but not in the long run!

Sometimes when I am seeing everyone shopping to their heart's content and look happy I would like to do that to...
Sometimes when I look at magazines and see beautiful interiors...  filled with furniture... walk-in closet...  huge kitchen....  I feel like I am missing on something... 

but really just sometimes... and it doesn't last long... and I know deep down that I have had all that stuff and I was not at all happier then I am now!  Probably much much less... I didn't sleep as well because I was drowning under unpaid bills/debt...  I was stress because I had too much to do (cleaning, laundry, organizing, work, activities, social events)...  I was stressed because I didn't like my job (but had to stay to pay the bills)... I was stressed because I was sick...

Sometimes, I also feel poor...  like when I am re-using a tea bag for a second tea on the same day (but it does taste just as good - try it!) ...  like when I do my own cleaning ingredients.... like when I count my money to the last penny when doing groceries... like when I do not buy a shirt/pants/skirt that I really love because I find that paying full price is ridiculous!

Those are occasions when being a minimalist is not easy... but they are so few.... and in general, no one wants to talk about those... but I want to be honest... it does happen...  after all we live in a society where spending is the norm... consumerism is normal...  and one needs to be strong to go against that... you need to find other ways to feel good... ways that come from the inside rather than the outside.

Yes I SOMETIMES feel cheap, poor, ridiculous, out of track, different....

But yes, I ALMOST ALWAYS feel wonderful, peaceful, on a less busy road, doing a good deed for the planet, less stressed, awesome, nice, respectful...

How do I do it?  How do I change from the negative emotions to the positive one? What comes from the inside of me that keeps me at it?


It's something we sometimes forget... what to be grateful for!

So here's a short list of things that you may have read from me before...  but we need to be reminded often (I need to remind myself often) because we easily tend to take for granted and forget things we should be grateful for.  The nice thing with gratitude is that as you practice it, like anything else, it becomes second nature. I have a less difficult time to be grateful for my life than I used to. Therefore here's my list:

1) my teenage son
2) my husband
3) being healthy
4) having a roof over my head and food on my table
5) my yoga practice
6) my readers (yes you guys)

and there is more...  but you get the idea...

And you?  what are you grateful for???
If you're a minimalist or aspiring minimalist, do you also have your ups and down?


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