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Monday, March 24, 2014

Karma, your life and how you can change all that with mindfulness

 In the book "wherever you go there you are" that I finished reading a few weeks ago, they talk about karma.  It is very interesting.  A concept, that I think is fairly misunderstood.

Karma is often link to past and present life..." I have a life that sucks now because I did something bad in a past life"... for example. I also often hear, "I have bad karma... it's my destiny".

Well this is not all there is to karma.  Let me try an explain it to you in a different way.  I f you've red my post on interconnectedness it will help.  If not I suggest you go and read it before going on.

"Karma means that this happens because that happened."  Does it ring a bell?  It's like the interconnectedness but within your own life.   The interconnectedness I was writing about applies to life in general because everything we do or do not do.... and everything everyone do or do not do impacts everything and everyone else.  However, every actions, thoughts, feelings and desires you have impact you own life. At any time.  All the time.  And at every moment we have thoughts, feelings, desires or do an action right?

Now did you ever stop and think where these come from?

What are you thinking right now? Why?
What are you feeling right now? Why?
What do you desire now? Why?

Actions are easy... you are reading this blog... but why?

Do you ever stop at any point during the day and ask "why"?

let me do it as an example.
What I am doing now: writing a blog post
Why? because writing makes me feel good.
Why? it allows me to understand a concept or an idea when I explain it in writing
Why? because it forces me to think about it and use simple ways/words and rephrasing to explain.
OK, now let's move up a notch...  Why does it make me feel good to write and explain something to others?  I could actually just write a journal...  Because I feel oblige to share. I have a need to help others.  Why?  because I whished someone could have explain all those things I write about to me way earlier in my life...

And this could go on and on...

Now that you know why you do what you do... why you think what you think...  etc... 

Try and always be mindful of that... because this is what creates you karma. Daily.

In mindfulness we are conscious of every action, thoughts, feeling and desire.  Therefore we no longer only react to old patterns. We can create new ones with news thoughts, feelings, desires and actions. At any moment... when we are present.

Why do we feel like always the same things happen in our life?  Because it is a reality. Because we always have the same feelings, thoughts, desires and we always do the same action. Hence the same results happen over and over again.  If we are stuck in a bad pattern, we feel like bad karma is our destiny.  But there is not such a thing and you can always change your karma: in mindfulness.

Now let's try to be more mindful about all your feelings...  thoughts...  desires....  and actions!

Because good ones attracts good ones... and bad ones attracts bad ones...

Jealousy attracts jealousy
Love attracts love

Be mindful
Change your thoughts
Change your karma
Change your life

You can do it right now... or whenever you have enough.  It is never too late.  There is no expiry date for creating the life you want... well OK, there is one but you do not know when it is...


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