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Friday, March 28, 2014

Extreme minimalist dressing - Week 4 - LAST ONE

Finally!!!  Made it!!!
Never thought this day would come!  This must have been the longest week EVER!

Already, early this week I was preparing my "April" wardrobe and I even made a blog post about it on Wednesday.  You can read it here. This time I selected 33 items!!!  All inclusive.

What I have learned is that the way you dress doesn't really matter in the sense that it is JUST covering up your body.  However, it does make a difference to your morale.  I am not saying that you need to spend thousands of dollars on clothes...  nor am I saying that you need hundreds of piece of clothing in your wardrobe...  BUT, you need clothes in which you feel great, clothes that reflect your personality AND your mood of the day.  In selecting my 15 items for March, I had clothes I felt great in (because quite frankly I no longer have clothes I do not feel great in) and that reflected my personality but somehow I forgot to include pieces for my different moods! I did think about versatility and matching since I didn't have many items... but forgot the numerous moods I can be in over a month! 

One more finding was that you really do not need to wash you clothes that much!  In the sense that if you wear something for a couple of hours, there really is no need to wash it unless you got it dirty or if you sweated profusely! Oh come on!!!  Don't give me that "look"... I am sure you do it to sometimes: smell something before you wear it!  Be honest...  Or at least you wish you could do it! I use to change a few times a day... and put all my clothes in the hamper every day, whether I wore it for 4 hours or 30 minutes...  it didn't make sense!  I was creating way too much laundry and spending way to much time and energy doing it! And I had to own way to many clothes because everything was in the laundry all the time! This month I have learned that if you put you clothes back in place after a few hours of wear, most of the time you can wear a second day!  Even more for pants!

A summary of this week outfits?   Pretty much repeats of the rest of the month...  I would like to share with you 2 pictures of what have turned out to be my 2 favorites outfits of the month:

I just love those pants.  I even selected them to be part of my April capsule wardrobe.  They actually were the basis of the other 21 items.

In selecting my wardrobe for April I have been more careful.  I selected 33 items including outer wear and footwear.  There are 22 items of clothing per say and I have been choosing basically one color (or shade) for bottoms - black, grey and jeans...  and many different colored tops that can mix & match with all my bottoms!  I already took one long skirt and found 6 different ways to wear it!  I'll post about that on Monday.

What about you?  How often do you do laundry?  Do you wash your clothes at every wear? 


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  1. I love those pants too! I have one pair black pants very similar to yours! I've been bad this month... I just spent more than 200 euros on summer clothes (mostly for me, and some tshirts for my kids), but I hope I'll not buy anything else till the end of summer...