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Friday, March 14, 2014

Extreme minimalist dressing - week 2

First 2 weeks are over...  my impression so far? Maybe 15 items is not quite enough...  Or maybe a little more color for tops would help.... Not sure.... will have to see when I select my April wardrobe...

If you want to read about week 1, you can do it here.

Other than that, I had to switch 2 items...  in the below picture, item on the left was on my original list... I took it off and replaced it with item on the right.  Why?  Because my winter jacket actually is a 2 in 1 jacket... and I had forgotten that by March, I'd rather wear the inside layer which is shorter.... and on cooler days, I put a sweater to make it warmer... but changing the vest to the sweater, it allows me to so that...  you can understand what I am saying by looking at picture of Day 13.

Now here are the pictures for Day 8 to Day 14th...

I would like to specify that the top underneath the jacket on Day 13 is actually the same as Day 14.  In both instances, I wore it for a couple of hours only and then got back home in my PJs to write... I was not trying to cheat by using a picture with the jacket!  I was rather trying to show people reading my blog from countries where there is no snow what it looks like and how we have to dress!  :-)

Also, I want to tell you that that very same top got into the washing machine as soon as I got home and somehow, it got dye from another item so it is now slightly blue...  But not really...
Normally, I would have said "it's ruined", let's toss it!  But since I only have 15 items... and not doing the laundry properly is not an excuse... I will have to come up with a solution for that top!  Maybe I'll dye it burgundy....  I'll see...  I'll let you know more about this later on this week end or early next week!

So here we go... tons of picture of me in my clothes from this week:

Day 8

 Day 9
 Day 10
 Day 11
 Day 12
 Day 13
Day 14
On Day 12, I had to be creative for my picture because I was home alone when I got dress...
And the only other thing I would like to mention is that in 14 days, with 15 items, I still did not wear repeats... this is great!  And I think I have one or two more days with original outfits before I start repeating myself....
And if I do dye my top and it works out, there's a few more non official repeats there.... althus it will be the same top... the color and hence look will be different!
What do you think of my outfits so far?
Would you try something like that?
Would you feel lie you're always dress the same or really do not care?
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