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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minimalist living room - maximum comfort

This was my living room before...

This is my living room now... fresher... cleaner....  I breathe more easily in it!!!

For the longest time now I've wanted to live on the floor like my friend Rita in Portugal does... It's a yogic thing... but also a minimalist thing...  How more free can you be than not owning too much furniture... Packing up and go becomes sooooo easy then...

Lately, for a big project coming up in June, that I cannot yet announce publicly, I have been downsizing even more... you've seen the post about my kitchen cupboards and dishes... 

I have let go of dishes, glasses, mugs, pots and pans....  more clothes...  games...  smaller pieces of "decorative furniture"...  my son even did a huge clean up in his books and toys..  We've given some stuff and sold a few more expensive pieces....  to save the $ for this big project!!!

I had a piece of furniture for sale and this young couple came to get it... they were the nicest 20 year old couple I have seen in a long time... and we just clicked... so when they asked if my couch was for sale I could not say no... even thus I knew I would have to go without for 4-6 months...  no funds will go to buying a couch before that!

Being a minimalist... and creative... and remembering my friend Rita, I figured out the above sitting arrangement...  and it cost me nothing but the cushion you can see and 2 more I got a few days after the picture...  All in all, 45$ for a new "couch".  The bottom is a chair my son had in his room that can be used as a bed for friends... on top there's my bedspread... and a comforter...  I have used my "summer" bedspread on my bed and another comforter I had... it is warm enough.... 

And this was the perfect timing to jump in... make a couple of young people happy about their new couch... and make me happy for my new sitting arrangement...  more in tune with my lifestyle...

Well let me tell you, even my husband, who was not convince at first, loves it!  And my son, says it is even more comfy than our previous couch!!!  Not to mention my cat who no longer goes anywhere else for napping and sleeping!

Sometimes, you have to take those opportunities to move out of your comfort zone and try new things... This is what I can signs... or messages... 



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