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Friday, February 28, 2014

Challenging my minimalist wardrobe

Last December, I had announced what my new project 333 season would be like here.

Technically, that wardrobe was suppose to last me between January to the end of March.  However, I had already been wearing essentially the same clothes since early November... so I am now almost 4 months into wearing the same clothes... and I am not going to lie, it is becoming boring...  and the cold weather is starting to mess me up (like most people I know for that matter).  Now, I do not want to give up... and I certainly do not want to give into shopping... impulse shopping... to bring me a step back... Everything is on sale now... and I could easily find something for the cold weather really cheap... but I am not doing that! I refuse to.  I no longer am a shopaholic.  That was the old me.  This is the new me.

What I have come to realise in this season of Project 333 is that perhaps, the seasons and rules as per Courtney do not suit me!  And that's OK.  She doesn't say we have to follow her rule...  she's actually helping us set our own. I had already mentioned it but because I had so many major issues with clothes, I always thought it was related to that more then the season per say. The other thing I realised in this season is that I still had items, recently bought or not, that did not really suit me or my lifestyle...  I kept buying or holding on to because of "fashion influence".  Therefore what I did a few weeks ago is to look at my wardrobe AGAIN and in the items selected for the current season of Project 333 I've let go of 3 items... and I have 2 more that are on "let's evaluate again in a few months" list. In total I think I have let go of another 10 items or so.

I have also realised that choosing my wardrobe for 3 months does not allow me to play around with my clothes enough...  not like I love to do. Therefore what I am doing for March is restrict myself even more...  I kept some clothes on the December list....  removed others and added some that were in my "other season" wardrobe. (which is basically physically the same wardrobe but they are located in the far end - because ALL my clothes fit in a kid's size wardrobe at this point!).  Now March in Montreal, althus we wish it was not, is STILL very cold on most days... towards the end we have warmer days but we always like to make it sound better then it actually is... we do have a long winter here! Therefore the weather dictated my choice and you'll see that they do provide options for very cold to not as cold days.

As you can see in the picture, I have kept 15 items. THAT IS IT!  For the next 31 days, I will be playing around with those 15 items.... and jewelry and scarves.

The list is as follow:

1)  skinny jeans
2)  wide leg jeans
3)  wide leg grey corduroy pants
4)  navy and beige skirt
5) flannel shirt
6)  striped white and blue long sleeve shirt
7)  navy long sleeve t-shirt
8) off-white long sleeve t-shirt
9) beige long sleeves t-shirt
10) green short sleeve t-shirt
11) grey short sleeve t-shirt
12) white short sleeve t-shirt
13) dress
14) grey vest
15) beige vest

We'll see what I can do with that.... and I will, as much as possible (read here as much as I think of doing it) be taking pictures of the outfits and be sharing them with you end of each week. Let's make Friday's a post with pictures of my outfits and how I feel about this whole process.

I wish to challenge myself more.  I still have MANY clothes... in my opinion...  and at this point I really do LOVE all of them... and I cannot see donating any more... therefore I will switch my rules around... move out of my comfort zone and shake it up! This will allow to "save" my clothes and be an even longer time without needing to buy to replace anything...

If that works out pretty well, I will be doing that for the other months too...  choosing my wardrobe month per month. This will allow a better rotations of my clothes and an even easier time to dress up in the morning...  It will also allow me to feel like I went shopping every month as there will always be "new" items to choose from!



  1. I like what you are doing and I too sometimes stand pondering what to wear in the morning. I don't feel you should donate any more if you love what you have. The idea of sorting and storing though is good and like you mentioned it will you a better rotation.

  2. That is awesome! I've always been a minimalist, but I recently got married and my husband is not. When we first met, I showed him my closet. He ended up donating over 10 bags of his clothes. Woohoo! I'm hoping that my lifestyle is rubbing off on him. ;)

    1. of course we rub off on people around us... that is the amazing part... whether they realize it or not we do have an impact!!! Congrats on being a minimalist all your life... when I think of all the $ I would have saved if I did that before it drives me nuts... but everything in due time right?
      love&peace xox