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Friday, February 21, 2014

What I bought since January 2014

Being a minimalist and having said I would not buy anything non-essential in 2014 in this post , I would feel dishonest not to feel my update at this point... after all we're 2 months after the original post of December 24th 2013.

Now, I specifically wrote that in 2014, I would not buy anything non-essential...  well, non-essential is quite "open" as a term... what is essential to me might not be to you and vice versa...  I did not specify I would not buy anything because I know this is not like me... I can't do that!  Not sure I ever will get to that point... not even sure I am interested in getting to that point...  after all buying stuff you like when you can afford it and KNOW you'll use it is quite enjoyable and rewarding!

When I decided to be a minimalist, it was to declutter...  my finances, my home, my mind and my life.. and it worked...  Now I find that over time, I tend to buy less and less... and find more and more stuff useless...  it's kind of like my process from a carnivore diet to a vegan one... Small steps...  Well this is just the same... but the old side of me... the shopaholic side of me still tends to come back... after all the society we live in does support that very well!  So even after 3 years, this "person" does show up...  less and less but still....  I am working on that...

In order to help me out, this time around, I had said I would be allowed 20$ per months discretionary spending... and because my husband knows me well and is really kind and supportive, he decided he would give my 60$ per month...  in order to prevent me from overspending in June or July like I did back in 2011! But also to help me learn to save $... so he told me he would give me the 60$ but I would have to put into a saving account the 20$ I had allowed myself...

Well this is going very well up until now.... I am using his 60$ of course!  ;-)
But I am doing it intelligently...  and I have to donate something when I bring something new in...
So I follow the one in/one out rule... therefore I am not cluttering my place!

Actually, I even have given or sold more then what I brought in since 2014...  This is really working well...

What I donate since January 2014:

kitchen island
dishes, mugs, glasses...
Cooking utensils
Pots and pans
Service platter
Clothes (3 pair of pants, 2 blouses, 2 camis, scarves...)

What I sold since January 2014:

CD/DVD storing unit

What I bough since January 2014:

Fake leather jacket - to replace my old one which was falling into pieces after 8 years... Got it when it was 25% off... throw the other one out - it was not even possible to give it away!

Jeans - replacement for jeans that had gotten too big - on sale sale from GAP at 19.97$
Sweatshirt - for cooler summer nights - on sale at 29.99$ (original price was 39.99$)

Chai tea mug/bowl on sale at 4.99$ (original price was 14.99) - Plus it is saving me time and money to get chai tea elsewhere... I know I could drink chai in a normal cup but it tastes so much better in THAT one...  Kind of like asking a French girl to drink a late in a mug...

Set of 4 small mugs for tea with my husband and son... Got them for 4.99$ instead of 9.99$

And the cushions... for my "new couch" - but that came from the money of selling the old couch!

All in all, some might say that I already "failed" my 2014 resolution... I don't think this is failing...  because I am replacing stuff... either too big or to old...  or I am getting a sweatshirt that I know I will wear a LOT this summer with the plans I have... and the mugs were to make life at home more enjoyable... and the principle of minimalism is that... to enjoy your life... in simplicity....  so if 9.99$ of mugs allow me more time home with my loved ones... why not???

Plus I respected my budget...  60$ per month.... and I have saved my 20$ into a saving account....
The mugs were paid off with left over grocery budget on one week end....  :-)

See.... minimalism is not about privation... or living poorly... It's about choice...  I am very happy with what I got... and I know I will use all of those articles over and over again...I didn't pay anything full price... neither did I use credit!  I got stuff I love and will have many uses...  The small tea cups for example, we're also using for juice, small smoothie in the morning with oatmeal and can also be used for snacks..  they are perfect to pour in nuts and dried fruits... see? I am doing more with less... my favorite sentence to go by nowadays...



  1. I love what you have bought, especially the red cup. You haven't failed.This is your journey and your right to service yourself with what you require.Good for you!

    1. thanks!!! :-) You are right... my journey... my way right?

  2. Sounds like you are doing well. Being a minimalist isn't about doing without everything, or buying really cheap stuff or eating ramen noodles for dinner. It's about buying useful things that also give you pleasure or improve your life in someway. If tv is your thing, buy a large screen. If Coach bags are your thing, buy one nice one. Or jewelry, or even a new car but make it something worthwhile. A change in my finances a few years ago changed my entire life but knowing and doing now, what I do, I have no desire to go backward. I have learned the importance of enjoying my life without fancy cell phones, large bills, debt out the ying yang and even cable tv. I now garden fresh veggies, recycle 90% of my weekly trash, refinish used furniture (only pieces I intend to use). I walk, ride a bike when I can and more importantly, spend time with family really sharing. My house is decluttered.
    And I too, have one favorite coffee mug.

    1. you life sounds amazing... I am happy for you!!! Similar to mine... :-)
      I want to address the TV thing but my husband and son really love it... so it's not as easy... even thus time TV is open is limited, because they agreed to that, I would love to see it out the window... maybe in due time.... thanks for you lovely comment!