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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time travel and announcement


Have you ever thought about time travel???  What if you could go back in time?

For the longest time, I have been thinking about it and I used to (used too is quite important here), think about what I could do differently...  what if I would have done this instead of that?  I used to think that if I was allowed going back in time, I could make my life perfect... I could "fix" a few things and make everything all right... but is that really so???  Recently, I have watched the movie "About time" and you may say that it's just a movie... but when your brains works like mine, nothing ever is "just a movie"...  it's always material to think about...

Over time, I have come to the conclusion that however appealing time travelling may sound to "fix" things, it cannot be the solution...  I have slowly but surely learned to accept all my past actions for what they were... they do NOT need fixing!!! After all, all those past actions are responsible for who I am today no? If I could only change one thing in my past, I would not be writing those lines as I am now...  where I am now...  At any point in time, you are the sum of all you past actions and behaviors...  if you are to change one little thing, it doesn't add up to the same... and hence your future is forever changed... 

Now you may think, well I don't like my life right now so any different sum would suit me... well who says so?  There is not guarantee that it would be any better...  what if you would actually make things worse?

There is one guarantee however...  the actions you make now CAN and WILL change your future...  it's up to you to make any decisions according to what YOU want your life to be in a few months or years from now...

You can't go back....  and if you did, you and I would not have met here and now...  and that would be sad... 
You can still make your future brighter and more in synch to what you would like it to be...  by taking the right actions now... instead of changing the past, accept it for what it is... what it brought you... and move on...  learn from what you see as "mistake" and would like to change... make it better in the present and this will affect your future...

Stop thinking in terms of the past because you can't change it and it's a lame excuse for not having the life you want!  At any point you can make your life better!!!

Speaking of which, I have a announcement to make... my little brother is following just that suggestion and making is "future" a little brighter... and I admire him for that... he will move on January 1st to another province when he never set foot before... and for that reason, because I will be celebrating New Year's a little early to help him as of December 31st, this is my last post for 2013... I will take a week off and be back on January 6th to tell you all about my adventure to New-Brunswick cause I am driving along with him in the moving truck and we're coming back by bus a few days after so he can come and get his car...

Therefore, for now, I will hope that you think about your life...  how you see it.... how you think you could make it better without blaming the past... Accept...  Forgive... and move on... 

Life is beautiful!
Life is short!
Enjoy it!

Happy 2014!!!


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