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Friday, December 13, 2013

Project 333 new season

Hello my friends!

This is a really short post on my new season of Project 333.  I am doing it a little early because I already chose what's in or not... and because I want you to be inspired by this post to join Project 333! I have joined it or the first time in October 2012... and it changed my life... even thus I had been at that minimalist stuff for a while, my wardrobe was still an issue... and this project has allow me to:

Find the way I LOVE to dress (resonate/represent me)
Cut down my shopping budget for clothes
Created space in my closet
Created space in my schedule by freeing time required to figure out what to wear
Allow me to be more creative in the way I dress

In a few words... it has done wonders!!!

This season, starting January 1st and ending march 31st, I will have 25 items!!!  Yes 25!!!  The lowest ever...  remember, I started project 333 with 45 items!!!  These 25 items are as per my modified rules of the project 333... technically I should include coats and shoe wear as well as jewelry but I never did... and as I am using this to track my progress in my wardrobe, I do not want to change my rules just yet....  I'll see later...

My list of items are:

Black velvet leggings
Grey leggings
Purple corduroy pants
Off-white velvet pants
Red velvet skirt
Beige and navy skirt
Black dress
Purple plaid shirt
Pink plaid shirt
Jean shirt
Black fancy top
Black long sleeve t-shirt
Grey 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
Navy long sleeve t-shirt
Beige sparkly long sleeve t-shirt
Beige long sleeve t-shirt
White short sleeve t-shirt
Grey short sleeve t-shirt
Jean jacket
4 vests... yes I LOVE vest and wear them all the time!!!

So who's joining???  let me know if you need guidance or help!!!!  I would love to assist you!!!



  1. I've read about project 333 forever and love the idea of it. However, I find that if I don't have an alternate set of clothes to actually LIVE in (I am forever getting spots of food, cleaning solutions, whatever on my good clothes) I'm pretty much shopping constantly. And I detest clothes shopping. However, you've gotten me curious - I might see if I can do it. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Great that I got you thinking.... you know you can make up your own rules... you don't have to have 33 items... Courtney keeps saying it... and I do to.... I do not include accessories in my items... some do... it really is up to you... but maybe just start with a clean up of your wardrobe... anything no longer fits? anything has the price tag still on it? anything no longer suits your lifestyle?? That is a great start!!!
    Let me know if you need further assistance... perhaps I could blog some more about it!