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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yoga practice and Christmas decoration

Hello lovely readers!!!

You might be wondering how I can link a yoga practice and a Christmas decoration!?!

Well it's fairly simple...  I do a yoga practice everyday...  actually my whole life is a yoga practice!!! Yoga is so much more than asanas that you do on a yoga mat! I mention it often...  But actually, this is the most challenging part of yoga!  Living it daily... minute by minute... 

I am good at doing my daily mantra practice and 3-5 times per week practicing asanas and meditation ...  the rest of the time I try to be a true yogi in all I do....  I'm OK with the food...  I am pretty good at speaking the truth and being kind...  I do not steel... I share...

What I, most of the time, have trouble with is being in the present moment at all time!!!!  And I find that when I do something that does not require a great deal of concentration, it is even worse!!!  My mind wanders a LOT!!!!  I am working really hard on controlling it and not letting it go every where at anytime...  but it is not easy...  therefore, I had set forth an objective for myself today...

To do my Christmas decorations with my son without looking at my phone, thinking of anything else on my to do list....  just enjoy doing the decorations and being with my son...  and I am happy to say that IT WORKED!!!!  I had put some Christmas music...  and we took out all the decorations we have (it really is actually only 3 small boxes including the tree) and decided which ones we would use this year... I wanted to do something really minimal... it took us all in all an hour....  if I stretch it... and I was There the whole time...  and it was so much fun... 

Why is it so difficult to be present at all time?  What do we have to gain or loose by letting our mind wander so much???
Will my to do list complete itself?
Will my emails, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest account miss me? or vanish?
Am I gona forget something that is life threatening?
Am I gone solve some major issues suddenly just like that by constantly thinking about it?

No, no, no and no!!!  Surprise???   

You shouldn't be....  Life does not stop because we are busy doing something that we care about...  If I completely focus on being here and now, everything else will still remain unchanged... will still be there when it becomes my new here and now!

But you have so much more to gain by being here and now...  all the small life details that we may miss when we are "elsewhere"... when our minds are busy on something when we are doing something else.... we miss the light in our child eyes.. the smile on it's lips when looking at a particular decoration... the questions they ask us... the comment they pass that might be "insignificant" to us mature adults but so important to them... 

We miss those moments and THOSE are never coming back... every minute you miss being here and now is never coming back... 

I will try that more often.....  and instead of waking up wishing that today I'll be able to be in the here and now all day, I will give myself smaller objectives... one task at a time... and if my mind wanders, I will stop, breathe and get back on track as soon as I realise it...  I think that even being in the "here and now" has to be the objective every minute... not for a whole day or week...

What will be your next challenge?  On what task will you try to be in the here and now?

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    1. Dear Linda, thank you for asking... in order to answer your question, I myself registered to my blog... It did mention to make sure that if I had not received anything when I knew a new post was out, to check my junk mail.... sometimes depending on settings it goes there...
      Unfortunately, this is all I can do to help, as I am not authorized to add or remove user... and this is so anonymous, that I am not even allowed to see who's register...

      Hope this helps,
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