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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Follow up on my Project 333

Today I do not feel like a very deep meaningful post...  I am in a mood for something light...  and because I have been doing this 2 months of not buying anything challenge with myself and because I realized a few things about my Project 333, why not talk about clothes???

I had committed mid September to not buy anything that was not essential...  well it worked out until last Friday...  I bought the dress pictured above... to my defense, it fits me really well... goes VERY well with my style and it was 50% off!!!  I can also wear it in a few different ways and at least for 3 seasons....  so it's a GREAT buy!!!!   I will take picture of me wearing the dress in different ways and make a post about it later on...

Do I feel bad because I did not succeed???  Not at all... No regrets is my moto...  It was at a price I could afford... It fits me well and is my style...  rarely do I find pieces nowadays that can actually fit all those 3 criteria...  especially in "regular" stores...  Of course I had only on more week to go...  and it would have been a complete success... but quite frankly, this "game" of not buying anything no longer is fun...  or challenging... as I truly do not even feel like buying most if the time! I am at a point, where I buy what I need, at the price I want, when I need it... if it is a perfect fit to my body and my style...  I will have to come up with new challenges....

As for Project 333, you might think I am not a fast learner...  cause I seem to be making the same mistake season after season...  I try to stick with the 3 months as suggested by Courtney here ... However, for some reason, it does not seem to work here in Montreal and with my lifestyle... I started October with 33 items on the nose....  Now I removed some as we got to early November...  and I feel like putting more on the side as when snow comes in, I am not very likely to wear them...  althus I might feel like it once in a while...  So I will be starting my own season of Project 333... It will start today...  and finish once the nicer season gets back...  this is more likely going to be end of March...

I will have 2 sets of clothes...  some regular ones... which will consist of what I wear 95% of the time... and some not so regular ones that I will put away but not too far in case I feel like wearing them...

Regular clothes:

2 pairs of jeans
1 corduroy purple pants
1 grey corduroy wide wide leg pants
1 black cotton harem pants
1 green cotton harem pants
1 red velvet skirt
1 beige and navy skirt (a dress that I have turned into a skirt)
1 funky 70's dress (picture above)
1 jean shirt
1 flannel shirt
1 black/mustard fancy top
1 black long sleeve
2 grey long sleeve
2 beige long sleeve
1 grey plain t-shirt
1 white plain t-shirt
1 Ganesh t-shirt
2 grey vest
1 mustard yellow vest
2 beige vest

Total : 26 items

Not so regular items:

2 pairs of wide legs jeans
1 long black skirt
1 long grey skirt
1 black jumpsuit

Total: 5 items

Grand total of 31 items...  still below my permitted limit of 33!!!  Ye!!!

Even keeping a safety net, only because I have never worn so few items in such a long period, I am still following my rules of 33 items...  After I am done with this season, I will have to figure out what to do... as I clearly still have too many items.... however I really do LOVE all of them... so this is not going to be easy!

I will also have to rethink my seasons....  we may have some shorter and some longer then 3 months here in Montreal... as I like the idea of Project 333 in the sense that it makes me rethink my wardrobe, if I want to keep following it, I will have to come up with new ways for me to do just that.... as Courtney likes to say, "this is not a project in suffering" therefore I will have to find my ways to do that...

What about you, are you following project 333?  why? or why not?

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!! And forward this post to people who may be interested!

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  1. Nathalie, I've been giving some thought to giving away some of my clothing. I've accumulated a lot of it, but maybe some is unnecessary. After being diagnosed with MS I began to gain weight and because of problems with walking, unless I could keep up hyperbaric oxygen treatments; I continued to gain weight. I don't eat all that much and average about two meals a day, but prior to having difficulty with MS; I was always a certain weight and size until mobility changed that. So there are two different size clothing, large and larger. I have difficulty tolerating anything that restricts me, especially around my waist, so there are mostly slacks with elastic waist bands. I'd like to be more minimalist than I am, but afraid I need to have many choices as it is right now, due to comfort; but also due to weather conditions. It would be nice to limit the number of items, but unfortunately for me; is not possible right now. I just brought the rest of my winter clothing here on Friday from a friend's house where I live and I thought last night; I must have more winter than lightweight clothing YIKES! Where I'm to put it all I don't know? Take care, Linda in Michigan

    1. Hi! happy to read your comment.... and it is an important one... Yes I am ready to do this minimalist thing... but not everyone is or able to... you have a specific condition and wheather where you live so this of course makes it easier.... everyone has their own situation and it doesn't mean we should all have 33 items of clothing... and for the longest time, ven if I was thinking about joining Project 33 or actually doing it, I had more than 33 items... but the number is not what really matters... the idea is that you wear clothes that you are comfortable in, that suit you and your lifestyle... and that you love and make you feel good! and the rest, if there is a rest, should go away.... maybe you already have the minimum for your lifestyle... it's up to you.. but just doing the exercise of thinking about it is a great step further!!! love&peace, nath, xox

  2. Sorry, meant to say where I previously lived in my comment. I live elsewhere now independently. :)

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