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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday? Cyber Monday?

Now, you may wonder where I come from but I only recently found out about this Black Friday and Cyber Monday thing...  and I was outraged...  From my understanding, this comes from the USA... and it happens on the week end following Thanksgiving...  From what I remember, USA Thanksgiving was a HUGE thing...  people, friends, family, who are often spread out in different states, all come together for that long week end... maybe even more so than for Christmas and New Year's... It was a time to all be together... to express gratitude and love... If I got this right...  but that is beside the point anyway...

This Holiday in the states marks the end of November... and the fact that we're getting closer to Christmas...  and over time Christmas has change a lot, here and everywhere... it is now all about giving the most expensive gift!!!  The biggest one!!!  at all cost...    Therefore, the timing of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent!!!!  People are festive...  they are off from work... they most likely have just seen all their loved ones... or feel guilty for not having done so... therefore, what better timing to use people emotions to spend more than they would or should... and the amazing deals in the store makes it so that you can buy even MORE for the same price!!!  Who doesn't win from that???

Well I can tell you...  not the stores... not the big millionaires selling us all that stuff that we "need"... They are home, or more likely on an expensive Holiday enjoying your cash with their loved ones!!!

But those people, that you can see here do not win from the Black Friday event! At the time I am writing this, there has been 4 deaths and 74 injuries on Black Friday events in the USA... the link above is actually a site where you can track death count for Black Friday.... HOW CRAZY IS THAT???   I bet the kids and family of those 4 dead people would have chosen their presence over their gifts...  but now it's too late for that...

Did you know that on average, an adult will spend 768$ on gifts for the holiday season??? Only on gifts... no other expenses link to the season... like outfits, fancy dresses, shoes, food, restaurants, alcohol...  Did you know that most people can't afford to spend that much and that they spend the rest of the year paying it on their credit cards?

Have you ever looked at the trash bins the few days after Christmas???  It makes me sick....  all that stuff that we no longer want because we got newer stuff... all that stuff that could be useful to someone else... all that packaging being thrown away because we just don't have the time to recycle it...

Did you know that on average, we'll spend 15 hours, alone, shopping for those gifts to show people we love them??  Why not spend time with them instead of going shopping???

Do you realise that all the resources used to manufacture the stuff you spend the money and time you do not have to please people you no longer have time to spend with are LIMITED!!!  Just like your time and money... 

Enough said...  I know I am not perfect...  I am not at the point I would like to be... but I am trying... and maybe you are too!  But some are not... and they need to get this message... This as become ridiculous!!!

This year, my husband and I made a budget for Christmas shopping accounting for people we want to give presents too and according to our budget!  first time ever that all our shopping will be paid cash!!!  No credit card... no line of credits...  of course, we'll have to cut down on money spend on each person...  afterall I am out of a job...  and I will have time to make homemade stuff to go with the gift... I think it will show that I care more than just buying something... I also came up with a list and I will refrain for falling into the last minute guilt of "I did not spend enough for that person"... once the $ are gone there is no more... period!

What is you plan???



  1. Excellent point! My husband and I, and our 3 grown sons, that are all single draw names and each of us get one gift. we don't buy anything outside of that, but we do spend the day enjoying our time and having fun together. Last year we went to the movies and probably will do the same this year. If they are dating we do welcome their girlfriends to come along.

    1. thanks Elena!
      very good idea to go to a movies.... adding supper after to discuss the movie might be something I would look into! Smart choice!!!!