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Thursday, November 28, 2013

4 weeks later...

It has been 4 weeks today...  that I am without a job... 
At first I had a hard time..... but it's going much better...

At first I felt:  lost, useless, lonely, scared, insecure...

Now, 4 weeks later, I feel: oriented, useful, surrounded by great people, confident, hopeful...

What changed you might ask? because I am still unemployed...  Well I changed...  I changed the way I see things...  I did my yoga... I found myself again...  I am now making use of the free time in ways I love instead of not knowing what to do... 

I am taking a course
Preparing a road trip with my brother to start of the new year
Baking (yes I am attempting to veganize some deserts)
I met a few friends

but more importantly, I am taking time to myself... doing my yoga and mediation... because this is really when I see how I am doing...  if I cannot shut up my mind during mediation, there's something bothering me... if I am unstable or unable to do some yoga pose, I am not rooted enough... I have learned that over the years...  and according to my last few yoga practice, I am doing much better!!!

I am moving forward slowly...

As part of my training, I had to question the orientation of this blog...  and define the subjects I wanted to address and the common vision for all those topics... what it the linking thought behind the subjects...  I came to realise that all I write about (or almost), has to do with health...  physical, mental and spiritual...  and therefore HEALTH will be my direction from now on... and the subject by which I will discuss health will be : yoga, stress management, minimalism and nutrition.  To me these are the essential route to a healthy life...  If you agree you will love even more where this blog is going...  and if you know people who would love it to, please share...  and encourage to sign up! The more the merrier!

I also want to get a tattoo... for the longest time, I was thinking about it... but it had to be significant... mean something to me...  something that I am sure will not change... I have finally found...  I just have to find the perfect tattoo artist...  AND come up with the $... and most importantly raise my pain threshold before I go...  but it has to be soon as I was told that it's better to get a tattoo done in winter to avoid sun exposure...

I love the way my life is now... and I know it will change.. because it always does... but I also know that that's OK...  because after a few weeks, I will have adapted and be happy again because when you live the life you want, more of it will come...  and it will be even more amazing!!! Things happen for a reason, to bring you somewhere else and when you make the best out of it, you cannot be disappointed... ever!

Also, I would like, with this post ask you, my lovely readers, a few questions... I am really looking for answers here...  you can reply in English, Francais, Portuguesa, German, Espagnol.. I'll figure it out!!!  Do not worry about spelling... really I just need the info... this is not a spelling contest!!!

1)What do you want from me?   How can I help you?
2) What question can I answer for you?
3) At what frequency would you like to get blog post from me?

thank you, merci, obrigada, danke, gracias!


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