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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My shopping rules

Hello my sweet friends!!!

Earlier this week I as giving tips to resist shopping....  either because you've join me in my resolution not to buy anything before November 13th... or because you have your own resolution...

Now, my tips seemed easy enough for me...  but remember I have been doing or trying to do this for a LONG time...  and you know what?  Sometimes it doesn't work.... and you know what?  That's OK!!!

We can't "succeed" all the time.... althus this word can be interpreted in so many ways...  Most people might think that if I am to buy something before that date I set for myself, I will have failed... but if you look at all the stuff I resisted buying.... I think it's a success...  either way! Every time I chose not to buy something because of that resolution it's a success!!!

All this to say that you have to be kind to yourself... This is a process... and continuous process... not a destination... and you know what?  Shit happens... and you may feel like buying yourself something... and even thus there might be better ways to deal with something in the long run, sometimes a quick fix is OK too!  There is no need to beat yourself up...  just keep going... at your own pace... be kind to yourself for every success and no-so-much-of-a-success... Acknowledge the good, bad and ugly and move on!  We learn as we go... and most importantly, you have to find what works for you!!  Awesome you!!  By learning to be forgiving, but honest with yourself (not finding excuses but acknowledging things for what they really are) you will tend toward your goal... On the other hand, if you "beat yourself up" all the time, you'll feel miserable.... and you'll buy stuff to feel better and you'll be back to square one in no time!  Give yourself a chance!!  A REAL one!!!

Now, all that said, I have told you the tricks I use not to buy stuff when I am doing a "shopping strike" 2-3 times a year... but what about the rest of the year?  Did I change my shopping habit?  Well at first I didn't...  until I realized that there was no point to not buy anything for 2 months if the following month I was to buy twice as much! And then felt bad about it... and punished myself...  So eventually I came up with "rules" or new habit for shopping... and this is what in the long run has help my decrease the amount of money spend in useless impulsive buys...

Here are MY rules... you have, once again, to figure out what works for you!

1) I do not buy anything if I can't pay for it right away - CREDIT CARDS do not count as right away!

2) I have a shopping list where essential items are listed.  This list currently features underwear, socks and a vitamix blender.

3) If something is not on my list, I have to think "is there anything I already own that looks like that? serve a similar purpose? or could do it?" if so... not buying...

4) If something is not on my shopping list, I can't buy it right when I see it - even if I have the money! I have got to wait at least 48hours!

5) If something is not on my list, I really love it but it really is not essential in my life but I have the $, I can buy if after 48h as long as something else goes out of my house...  The one-in/one-out rule.

6) If something is not on the list, not essential, and I don't really have the $ I have to wait 30 days and see... do I still want it?  If so, I should have come up with the $...

All this may seem complicated... in a few words, it translate to:  Is is essential? Do I own something similar? Do I have the money right now? I wait minimum 48h and then I see...

Fairly simple.... and it saves me so many impulse buy... and you know what, most of the times I forget about the item as soon as I get back home...  way before my 48 hours is over!!!

What about you?  Have you refined your shopping habit?   Do you have "rules" to help you out?  Please share with the rest of us... 

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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