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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tips and tricks to not buy stuff!

A few weeks ago, I had announced that I was not going to buy anything until Nov 13th...  You can read about it  here.

Last week end, I had someone who joined me in my challenge ask me how I was doing...  It is going extremely well... I actually did not buy anything! I have even decided not to buy the raincoat...  for now.... I have one for cooler weather...  I wanted something for warmer temperature and I can put this on hold until next spring easily...   As for the mid-ankle boots, I still did not find anything that I love enough to buy... that I can afford... and are NOT leather....  so I am still waiting for that too... I have had an easy time doing it actually... easier than ever before!

But it is not the first time I challenge myself to do that!!!  I have learned how to over the years....  and she was asking me for tips and tricks to succeed at it...

So this is my post for today...

First your list of what is essential vs non-essential as to be clear.....  what is essential to me might not be to you and vice versa...  like in my initial post, I mention that vegan restaurants and Starbucks are essential....  this is MY rule...  it might not be yours...  so you need to figure out what is essential or not... TO YOU!

Second, you need to tell people around you you are doing this... it makes you accountable for it... and it helps them NOT tempting you... For example, if to you the movie is not essential and it is part of what should not be bought, you could have a friend constantly asking you to go to a movie... if he/she knows, they will not...

Third, when you are tempted to buy something, look at the "why" of it...  and the satisfying answer cannot be "because I've always wanted it", or "but it's so pretty", or "this is really me"...  and stuff like that...  if you always wanted it, it can wait some more... and there are many pretty things.... or many things that are really you...  and they will still be there once the challenge is up! And please, spare me with the "but it's on sale"...  there are sales ALL the time!!!! So those are not valid...  You have to find the real WHY...  because you are bored?  sad? exited? with friends? lonely? angry? stress?  Would you feel like buying this thing if you would not be at the store?  Would you need it right now?   Most of the things we buy are compulsive...  sentimental.... not logic, calculated and thought thru... Most of the things we buy, we end up storing away...  and not using them... and they end up somewhere... and you forget you have them....  and when you decide to do a real clean up, you find all that stuff... that you never, or almost never used...  it's so sad...

Fourth, try to figure out if you do not already have something that could replace it, or do the same function... chances are you do! Whether it's kitchen appliance, home decor, clothes, jewelry...  don't you already have enough of all of that? Will it actually find it's place in your home?  or closet?  Do you really need another pair of pants? or set of glass for this type of wine?

Fifth, if you CAN resist, put the equivalent amount of money in an envelope at home... and at the end of the challenge look at how much money you saved - you can put this towards your debt or save for something bigger you would love to do like a trip, a wedding, a break from work... do not run to the store to spend it all... that would defeat the purpose of not having spent that money in the first place!  This money saved could be an incentive for the next time... and if you did not have the $ to start of with and were planning to put this on your credit card, write the amount on the envelop and seeing how much you saved going on your credit card could also be an incentive!

And finally, if this is really hard for you, just stay away from the stores...  magazines...  and television... Internet shopping places...  these are what makes you want to buy stuff...  they make everything look so pretty.... and makes you think that you really need it... when most of the time you really don't!

In any case, if you do end up buying the "thing", bring it home, leave it in the bag with the tag...and bill... and wait... if you have not found a real need for it before your limit date to return the item, just return it....  technically, when we buy something, we should find a use for it in the next few days....  unless it's a purchase for a special occasion.... for example, if I am to buy a dress to attend a wedding in 3 months, of course I will not wear it before that...  but how often do you really go to weddings???

One last thing, if you do end up buying it and not returning it, you can use the one in/one out rule... therefore you are not adding things but replacing them... of course you'll have bought something when you were not suppose to... but you won't have added any more stuff to your, I'm pretty sure, already full home!

What do you think about that?  Could these be helpful?

I know they worked for me when I was trying to cut down on my shopping and I still go by that when I am in a non-buying period....
I also have rules I try and follow for the rest of time.... when I am allow to buy....  I will share these with you later...

p.s. if you do buy something, and not return it... and not use it....  be forgiving to yourself... remember that we're conditioned to buy...  you have to break the pattern... move on.... and continue with the challenge... and next time you'll do better!!!   It takes time...  small steps... 

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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