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Friday, September 20, 2013

The organic sisterhood

Hello lovely readers!!!

For my regular reader, you know that I am going thru many changes currently...  I recently wrote a book, Life Happens , I am starting to offer conferences on nutrition and stress management... and will soon start to offer one-on-one coaching and start writing my second book... I also want to launch all this using videoconferencing and skype and all that...  it's HUGE... especially that I have no clue as to how any of this works!!!

This is a lot on my plate...  and most of it is going against how I was raised.... against what most people expect or want to do in life...  it comes from me... deep down... I digged deep to find this desire in me....  it was kind of forced upon me after I was diagnosed with MS and I sometimes feel like this poor lonely bird... on the ground... but I need to learn how to spread my wings and fly up high in the sky!

I do have a few supportive friends....  and supporters....  and lovely readers! But most of them never went thru such a major life change...  and hence they can offer all the support they want, and the listening I need...  and the love they have... but they can't really direct me... or tell me how to proceed...  I needed to find some kind of "I know how you should do it cuz I've been there" person... 

I was looking for a group of people that can think outside or the box... that tried stuff and succeeded or not but still... that can provide support and cheers when needed... give suggestions... and referrals... but I was mostly looking for a place where I could throw any "stupid" idea and see what happens...  what do people think of it?

I found such a group by chance....  it's called the organic sisterhood led by Tara Wagner!
Tara is an amazing woman who turned her life around...  and whether people like it or not she does what she wants...  when she wants...  and I have a lot to learn from her and her group...  I might mention now that this group is for women only...  sorry for you my masculine readers...  but for every women who reads this blog and is looking for support, help, crazy outside of the box ideas... for everyone wanting to turn their life around but not knowing how...  if you have a goal but not vision on how to get there...   go visit the organic sisterhood by using the link above... and see if it's suits you...

who knows.... we might virtually see each other there too!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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