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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Declutter your world in 10 days - New challenge for you!

my new bedtime favorite tea!


my friend Courtney is a minimalist and we have lots in common....  She's the one who initiated Project 333 and made me minimalise my wardrobe...  She just launched a new project... a mini challenge...  for only 10 days... she's inviting us to declutter our world! She's inviting us to Shape up! Pare down! and Tune in!  You can read her post here as I wish not to repeat all of it...

But essentially, she's inviting us to look at different aspect of our lives.... choose where we want to improve and commit to do it for 10 days!  10 days is not much...  I am sure you can do it to....

As guidelines, in the "Shape up" section, you can give up one food, change eating habit, go vegan 100% for 10 days...  give up alcohol...or coffee....  or sugar... maybe increase your fruits and veggies intake by 2-3 portions... the list is endless....  what do YOU want to improve in your way of eating???  Now is the time to try it!  Another component of "Shape up" is sleep...  do you wish to sleep more?  or less? or better?  change bedtime or time you wake up at?  you could also change your "sleep time routine"...

Here are my "Shape up" resolutions...

Food: 1) No chips
           2) Nothing to eat after 7pm...  but water/tea...  and maybe an apple if I am really hungry!

Sleep: 1) Meditate/Deep breathing 10-15 minutes before sleep

In the "Pare down" section, you can minimize your home...  declutter it... or your wardrobe...  or your work schedule...  or your social life... are you always stuck in too much of something?  be it objects, clothes, activities, social events, meetings???  Now is the time to let go...  at least for 10 days!

Here are my "Pare down" resolutions...

Work: 1) No email/internet/social media before 8 am and after 8pm
            2) No email/internet/social media between Saturday 11 am and Sunday 4pm - Shutting down!
            3) Work on my conference every day for a minimum of 30 min

Home:  Nothing to take care of there.... ;-)

In the "Tune in" section you need to take care of your brain.... and your hearth...  maybe read something - not on the internet, declutter your thoughts, keep a journal, meditate...  and for your hearth, why now write letters to people, phone the ones you love or give a compliment? Maybe keep a gratitude journal?

Here are my "Tune in" resolutions...

Brain: 1) Read something related to yoga or nutrition a minimum of 30 min per day

Hearth: 1) Give a compliment to at least one person per day

So this is it... this is my Declutter your world in 10 days challenge!!!

Who's joining me?  You can reply here... or on any of my other contact places...
I will be waiting for you...

I am starting today.... but you can start anytime! 
On the 16th of sept, I will update you on how it went...

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

Don't forget to check out my Facebook page.... or personal profile... connect with me on twitter or google +...

love and peace,

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