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Monday, September 23, 2013

Another round of Project 333 - October 1st

About a year ago I joined Project 333 in an effort to minimalise my wardrobe...  I had already minimalized pretty much everything else... but clothes were still a "weakness"...  :-)

If you look at my previous post on the subject, you'll see that I made up my own rules...  and somehow was most of the time above 33 items of clothing for 3 months...  You can read here a post where I was actually at 32 but the rules were so large... I also said,  at one point, I would stop counting (last summer)...  but since I started doing it, I can't help but count...  So at the beginning of another season, another 3 months period, I started counting again... and even thus I still make the rules a bit larger then Courtney, they are narrower than they use to be!

I still do no count in lounge wear and sports wear...  I still do not count in jewelry, purses, footwear and outterwear...  but everything else is in.... Maybe one day I'll manage to follow the rules!  Even thus Courtney says they are personnal... I would like for a 3 month period to do it just like her!!! I might try summer... would be easier.... What can I do? I LOVE clothes.... 

However, trying this Project 333 has taught me a LOT!!!  I now know how I like to dress.... what suits me....  what goes with my lifestyle... what actually represent who I am....  and althus I made a few mistakes recently, I have once again streamlined my wardrobe... and no excuses behold, I was really strict with myself and ended up giving a full garbage bag of clothes AGAIN!!!!  And I have now my husband on my side...  that is, he as the instruction to not let me get anything that is not ME!  as simple as that... even thus it's on sale... or I really like it.... or it's work appropriate... or it' the new trend... or it fits me well...  if it's not ME, not getting it!!!  And I am not buying clothes without him either.... as long as I do not have this thing under control...  or he makes me return it if it does not fit the rules!!! 

I also realise that I l like to have clothes with not too many color... for this season anyway... I like to add color with scarves or jewelry but as you'll see, most are neutral of jeans wear... especially for bottoms - it's easier to match with every top that way... I also wear LOTS of jeans.... I love them!

Therefore my list for now is as folllow:  (I will post picture later on once I have time to take them)

1 skinny jeans
2 wide leg jeans
1 corduroy - purple, skinny - the COLOR exception
1 corduroy wide wide leg grey pants (no I did not type in wide twice bny mistake... they are WIDE)
1 beige cotton pants
1 black cotton harem pants
1 black pants
1 long black skirt
1 long grey skirt
1 red velvet skirt - the other COLOR exception
1 black jumpsuit
1 jean shirt
1 black/mustard fancy top
1 black long sleeve
2 grey long sleeve
2 beige long sleeve
1 beige short sleeve
1 beige sleeveless
1 green "recycle" t-shirt
1 old pink OM t-shirt
1 Ganesh t-shirt
1 grey t-shirt (Don't look back you're not going that way)
1 grey plain t-shirt
1 white plain t-shirt
1 stipe beige and navy 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
2 grey vest
1 mustard yellow vest
1 beige vest

so this is it!  all in all:  33 items!!!

and because I am not buying anything untill mid november as per this post ...
it will most likely stay like that!!!
I know that most other times, my clothes would go in and out during the 3 months of the project... this time I am staying put.... not removing anything or adding anything to the list untill end of december!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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