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Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest blogger: Suzanne from Germany

Let me introduce you to Suzanne... a women from Germany I "met" because we both have MS...  she bought my book and we discussed it... and became friends...  We both have the same vision of MS...  a positive one... we refuse to let it guide our loves and who we are....  Suzanne was diagnosed at a really early age....  and here's her amazing story:

Thank you, Nathalie, for inviting me to your blog as a guest-writer. My name is Susanne. I’m 45 years old and live together with my husband and my three kids in Germany.

I started my life with MS when I was 19. I had just finished school and was preparing to go to university, when one day I suddenly couldn’t see with my right eye. It started in the morning, and in the afternoon it felt like a big grey wall in front of me. I went to the doctor, he sent me to another doctor, he sent me to… I ended up in a hospital. Not the funniest time in my life.

I had a new crisis the year after, involving my right eye again. The doctor, who treated me, told me:  “If you continue in such a way, I still give you half a year.” She didn’t give me any details of what she meant with this. I decided not to follow her instructions.

At that time the first books of RĂ¼diger Dahlke came up in Germany. He is a doctor and said if you had a disease it was because your soul wanted to say something, but you didn’t listen. These ideas were totally new to me. I ran into one of his books, read a little bit, but didn’t buy it. But the idea of my helpless soul trying to let me know something has never left me again. I closed a contract with my soul. We would find a way to communicate with each other, without destroying my body.

My personal way to health began. It was a long journey with many different small steps. Beginning with yoga exercises when I was a teen, long before the first signs of my MS showed up. Then I was trying homoeopathic medicine during my studies. This homoeopathic treatment built a good basement for all the further steps, I suppose.

Some years after my degree in archaeology, when my eldest son had already been born I met a woman which was responsible for another big step in my development. Hanna was a “teacher of health”, and she educated people in becoming “round” which meant healed in this case. I learned to meditate, to use breath as a therapeutic means and to accept me, as I was, deeply traumatised from my father’s early death, when I lost all my faith in life and myself at the age of thirteen.

In spite of my education to a master of health I had two more severe crises.

After another very bad one some years later after the death of a very close friend I spent five days at the intensive care unit. At the end I had to remain in different hospitals for at least three months. I came home to my second son’s first birthday, but I still wasn’t strong enough to hold him in my arms. Every time I had a crisis the disease stopped me from running into the wrong direction. Even at that time.

My last crisis came seven years ago. I had left my long-time-partner. It was a very difficult time with lots of emotional stress. Friends of mine asked an amchi (doctor in Tibetan medicine) from Nepal to come to Europe. He examined me, and gave me some small globule made from Tibetan herbs from the Himalaya. In the night after I had taken them for the first time, something very peculiar happened. I woke up in the middle of the night with a very strong feeling of love to myself floating through my whole body. What ever had happened, this feeling has never left me since then. It felt like a dam which had broken.

That taught me, it is all about loving ourselves. If we learn to accept us as we are, we don’t need any disease to show us the way.

 I love this post... about loving yourself....  I really think that we all need to come to accept and love ourselves for who we really are...  and do the same with our past...  we HAVE to accept it as we cannot change it!!!!
Suzanne and I both had our last crisis 7 years ago.... althus our path are not identical, we are both into yoga and meditation... I always thought this was an important part of my healing...  and still do...
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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love and peace,

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