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Monday, July 29, 2013

Time for a vacation - a minimalist one of course!

cats are so lucky... always on vacation!

It's time for my "vacation"....  by vacation I mean time off from my day job...  I took a 5 weeks unpaid leave of absence...  and it will be wonderful!  I little hard on the bank account... but so much worth it for my physical and mental well being!  Money surely is not ALL that matters...

I have no plans to go away on vacation...  I do not want to spend money on that at this point.... and I really need to be home....  to recenter, reroot and get in touch which with my inner self....  when I go away, I get unrooted even more.... 

Still I have plans for those 5 weeks starting today!!!!

I will do meditation/yoga every day upon rising... like I almost always do but without having to check the time to get ready to go to work!

There are a few activities I want to do with my son... 

free ones...  he has a unicycle... want him to teach me!  That will be fun (or not! lol)... we also want to play Frisbee...  hake...  go to the public pool...  bike rides... go to Mont-Royal to walk in the woods...

some that you need to pay for..... we want to go to IMAX to see the sharks...  go to Musee des Beaux-Arts to see Chihuly ... also want to go to the botanical garden ....  and the Parc aquatique Bromont a minimum.... the rest we'll see...  I like to have my son do a diversity of things during the 2 weeks him and I will be alone most of the day because my husband will be working! I think it is important to open his mind to different things!

On the third week, I will be by myself.... my husband will still be working and my son back to his dad...  that week I already have plans for a few lunches with friends I have not seen in a long time... and nothing else....  plenty of reading!!!  I have catching up to do!!!

On the fourth week, it will be all 3 of us....  The boys will definitely go to paintball once... and we'll go spend a day in Ottawa to see the War museum and Musee des sciences et technologies ... and for the rest fo the week we'll see how it goes... 

On the fifth week, it will be my hubby and I...  alone... at last... it has been almost 2 years since we had time off together and alone!  We do not have big plans for that week either....  we'll most likely do like we do on a regular summer week end... but 7 days in a row!!! That is bike, walk, go to a movie, go to Mont-Royal, have a pic-nick, go to the spa, read... 

I am so happy this time if finally here... I have been waiting for it for weeks now!!!  And I know it will be over much faster than I realise it now...  after all I am on my first day!!!

This is why I want to enjoy every moment of it...  I will turn off the computer and iPhone during this time - and take my messages once a day only - but I will take them... It might take longer for me to get back to you however...  I will be less present on facebook and twitter and the like...  this blog will have some amazing guest blogger!!!  I already read their post and you will love them!!!

I will get back to you on September 3rd.... all refreshed...  and with tons of things to share with you!!!

Enjoy your month of august.... and keep reading, commenting, here or elsewhere and no worries I will see it!!!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

Don't forget to check out my Facebook page.... or personal profile... connect with me on twitter or google +...


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