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Friday, July 19, 2013

My minimalist fridge

Hello dear readers!!!

the picture you're about to see was taken this morning.... I long hesitated to write this post....  simply because depending on how you look at it I may look really poor... but I am not!!!  I wish to reassure you.... I can afford to eat...

Why am I saying that? Because my best friend's partner thinks that an empty fridge equals being poor.... and I know for a fact he's not the only one...  So every time I let me fridge go that empty three things happen:

1) I think of my best friend's partner...  Hi Steph!

2) I realise that I need to go grocery shopping for fresh produce

3) I am happy that I used up my food and did not waste any!

Yes this is really the state my fridge was in this morning after I had breakfast and packed my lunch...  Do I have something for supper?  Yes...  I have potatoes... which you cannot see... celery, carrots and bread... Combine with the almond butter it could be supper....  but I'll go grocery shopping before then...

I love when my fridge go that low because it means I've done my grocery shopping in an intelligent manner and I used up what I bought....  and this is fairly new to me...  I use to pack my fridge on Fridays...  throw most of it out on the next Thursday and get new stuff on Friday... and again and again.... what a waste of time, money and resources!!!! 

Now every now and then I like to join my friend Melissa in the pantry challenge : you can read more about it here . Essentially, you have to use up what you have in your pantry before buying anything new...  You're allowed to buy fresh produce which in my case consist of fruits and vegetables, nut milks and bread... and sometimes "fake" meats.. and obviously nuts which I eat a lot of...

Why do I do that?

1) To make sure I rotate my goods...  there is not point in having a full pantry if you're not using what you have in there...  it's just a waste....  because eventually it goes in the garbage!

2) It saves money - it's amazing how much we buy when we already have stuff at home!  Who needs 5 different sorts of rice at all time??? 

3) To challenge me to try news combination of foods....  we tend to always cook one item with the same other item...  by doing that, if I am running low on my usual rice, I may try the same recipe with quinoa instead...  and it may or may not be great!  Who knows?  but for sure it cannot be uneatable!

Do I go all the way like she advocate?  Not really...  I bring my reserve low enough... but at the same time, grocery shopping when buying organic vegan stuff and not having a car is not always easy.... so if I know I am running short on oatmeal (which I eat 3-4 times a week), and pass by the store that has the Bob's red mill brand I love, I will buy it... but I will not buy stuff just to buy stuff...  So basically I try and use the most of what I have and only replenish what I am running low on and use on a regular basis...  still works out...  makes a pretty good clean up!!!

I usually do it twice a year...  before Christmas and before summer vacation!  Money save goes on to our celebrations so it works out just fine...

Also, I do it before moving....  because who wants boxes and boxes of food to move??? 

What do you think of that?  Would you like to try the pantry challenge? What do you think of the amount of food we waste on a regular basis?

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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