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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Inside my minimalist kitchen

Hey lovely readers!!!

I posted, last week, pictures of my apartment... and they were well received....  Now I realise this morning that there are "inside" places that may be of interest...  especially in the cupboards!!!
I do have lots of the in the kitchen and to be honest, it they were all "packed", it would not be a minimalist kitchen...  ;-)

So I decided to take pictures on inside cupboard and show you with all little I cook and serve food...  I did not have time to take everything....  and did not do drawers... in my 4 drawers that you can see in the picture below, you can find "Tupperware"...  Round ones bottom drawer, square ones right on top, round cover on top and square covers on the very top drawers....  easy to find and use...

the other 2 drawers, are on the left, cooking utensils... and on the right, eating utensils...

Here are my dishes and glasses... ALL of them.... none of them are to be find elsewhere.. I use all of them on a regular basis...   nothing fancy of for "visit only" store somewhere else!!!

and here are my mugs....  yes I do have lots of them...  top shelf are "souvenir" that my son and/or I are not ready to part with... and we use them anyway... so they are not only souvenirs...

then you have wok, pots and pans...  all of them.... with my hand blender.... and cutting board!

then measuring cup, stray, mixing bowl and the like.... I also use Tupperware as mixing bowls most times...

and finally....  my addition to the cupboard that will eventually be painted green... contains mail I need to deal with, printed recipes and nutritional information and some my cookbooks!!!

and this is it!!!  all the stuff I use to cook my meals... vegan meals...  in a minimalist fashion... to show you that there is no need to be complicated to be vegan!!! or vegetarian!

You can find some of the recipe I come up with here

OK...  time to get back to my kitchen now....  coming up with more delicious recipes for my love ones!!!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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