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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why is it so difficult to be a minimalist?

this guy is a minimalist.... but it's so easy for him...

And before anyone says anything...  YES I sometimes find it difficult....  still....  and no I did not fall on my head!  :-)
And yes... I've been doing that for 6 years.....  but it's a continuous process...  it's a way of life...  and it's different!  Therefore, as with anything that is different than majority... it is not easy all the time!!!

There are a few reasons for it...

One sentiment that ALL humans may experience, at one point or another, in their life is jealousy and/or envy... and I am so so proud to say (for many other reasons other than this one!) that  I am a HUMAN being!!! So yes, I may sometimes, even thus less and less often, envy what others have...  for example, a pool on a hot and humid day...  or a car on a very rainy day....  or a long to-do list on a day where I am wishing I could "do" instead of "be"...

How do I deal with this? Simply by reminding myself that I use to have all those things...  that I chose not to have them anymore... that beyond the dip in the pool, there is the maintenance for it...  the time and $ involved... that instead of being stressed in traffic, having car payments, maintenance and repairs to do on a car, I chose the liberty of public transit...  being able to be with people, not stressed, able to read while I commute... I chose it!!!  It was not imposed on me!!!  Same goes for the long to-do list...  I was fed up of having undone items constantly... it put stress on me and I did not needed it or wanted it!!!  So I have let go of obligations, tasks, to-do items... I traded them for freedom... more free time...  this too was my choice!!!  And 99%  of the time, I am OK with that!!! 

Another reason for it is publicity!!!  Why do company spend billions of $ each year on publicity?  To convince you that you absolutely NEED  something!!!  That if you do not get it, you're not as good as the next person who did!!!  And don't get me wrong... I am not saying that this is completely wrong...  of course we need stuff at some point... we can't walk around naked and we need a bed to sleep in, a table to eat on, soap to wash ourselves, food to eat and so on... but do we really need ALL that and more ALL the time?  Do I need to be bombarded with adds constantly? Do I need to be reminded of my needs?  Or made feel bad if I don't get something? Adds are everywhere...  on TV, in the bus, the metro, on publicity board all over...they get deliver to your door step without you asking for it... and you can't even watch a YouTube video anymore without them... I just think it's a little overboard!!!

Sometimes, I also feel like we're (my husband and I) "alone" on that boat that is minimalism... even thus I know there are more and more of us... but sometimes, when I am alone at home, not quite sure what to do, open up the TV and see what?  Publicity.... I feel like I am the only "stupid" one depriving myself of all those goodies....  and why really??? If everyone does it, how is it affecting anything that I don't???  But then I realise that I am not alone... there are many of us....  some of you guys for who I write several times a week... and that in order to change things, I need to set an example... and also remind myself that all those goodies do not make me happier in the end...  once I am no longer using them (maybe a few hours after I got them),  I need to care for them and they no longer bring any joy... only obligations!!!  And I want to be free....  as much as one can be here...

 My last pitfall is when I am going thru a difficult time... it is easy to be tempted to reassure myself or make me feel better by buying something... I have done it for so long... and so often...  so I naturally go back to that...  unless I really talk myself out of it!  But I should know better.... I know buying a dress or a pair of shoes or a frame will not make me feel better in the long run... and the issue will still be there unless I worked to resolve it... not hide it under a new dress!!!

So yes I do find it difficult at times.... but it happens less and less...  and doesn't last as long... and I can usually talk myself out of it!!!  Because I have a clear goal and I know what my objective is...  and this is what keeps me grounded... 

What about you guys? Have you tried minimalism?  Did it work for you? How long have you been at it?  What keeps you going?

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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