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Monday, June 3, 2013

What if you didn't need any money?

On Sunday, on my Facebook page, I posted the following:

If money was no object, what would you do with the rest of your life? How would you contribute to society? What would make you feel good about yourself? Just try to answer those questions as honestly as you can... Nothing else is required... No actions... No changes... No decisions... Just answering those very simple questions... And you'll see what happens...

The reason for it was that, at one point in my life, a few years ago, when dealing with a chronic illness and trying to figure out what to do with my life, I had to ask myself the same questions... (for more on how I dealt with my chronic illness, you can check my book "Life Happens", here )...   I asked the question over and over again until I found the REAL answer...  and I just found them a little over 2 years ago...  and you do know when you have the real answer... the feeling is amazing!

The first question, If money was no object, what would you do with the rest of your life? this question may be taken in 2 different ways... but what I really am asking you for is what would you like to do for a living if money was no object? Let's assume you could do any job you'd like and have the money you want... what job would you do?  the same you have now? something slightly different? something completely different?

Now ask yourself why you would do that job? Would it make you feel good about yourself?  Would it contribute something to society? Would you get more appreciation? Would you feel more useful? And what we're looking for here, is something that would make you feel REALLY GOOD...  deep down... 

The next step if to look at why you're not doing this job now?  What prevents you from doing it? Do you think you would not earn enough money? Are you missing a degree? Self confidence? Lack of direction/objective? Being afraid? Wonder what will others think/say? ...  what is YOUR reason?  It could be anything else than what I mentioned, but it could also be just that...  you have to figure it out....

Once you do figure it out, ask yourself: "is it such a big deal?" How can you address it? and there IS a way to address it...  there always is...

Would any gap you have to fill, be worth the amazing sentiment of you doing your dream job? 

It may take months.... or years...  but YOU can do it!!!  You can find out what you truly want to do with your life!  This life!  It is short... but it is never too late..  you need to address this and figure out gaps, and make plans to go where YOU want to go!!!   

I did it... the plan is there... and the steps are slowly taking me there...  It did not happen overnight... and it will not be by tomorrow... but somewhere between now and a few months I will be there!  Because this is what I truly desire and I am making all that is necessary to obtain it...  and so can you!!! And you know what is amazing?  It's that even thus I have a plan and a desire....  something else can happen...  the plan may take be somewhere completely different... somewhere I did not even know existed! But as long as I do not loose my objective... my goal .. my desire....  I will make it! I will do something I love with the rest of my life!!!

And I wish, sincerely you would too...  because life is short... and you shouldn't have regrets... or you shouldn't ask yourself "what if?"... EVER!!!

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love and peace,

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