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Monday, June 10, 2013

The present moment and yoga

I find that the most challenging aspect in my yoga practice is to stay in the present moment...

I've managed the breathing a while ago....  once you figure it out and integrated it, as soon as you get on the mat, it happens...

The asanas are also something you can work on...  of course there are so many of them... and some are really advanced... but you do not need to go there to be a yogi... as long as you have a set of asanas covering the different parts/section of your body you're OK. I personally like to do a few sun salutations, triangle, warrior, tree, forward bend, boat pose, bridge and some twists.. that is what my daily practice consist of.   Obviously I start this with some meditation and breathing exercise... and finish in corpse pose!

As for the lifestyle that goes with the yoga philosophy, that I am OK too... I am talking about the yamas... I will not go into details but they are "rules" by which you should live...  ethic.

However, living in the present moment do pose some difficulties... and I am not there yet...  and I must admit it bugs me a little....  that after so many years of practicing yoga, I still struggle with that...  it seems so easy...  just be in the present!  Do not think of the past.... or the future...  Be here, now!

When I am on my mat, I constantly have to go back thinking of my breathing... if not my mind may go elsewhere!!! And in other spheres of my life, I have to keep busy doing something I really like if I want to avoid the wandering!!!  But sometimes, I would like to just be quiet...  physically and mentally!!!

I am in a fun, but not so easy, place in my life... in a decision making phase.... and it seems that my mind likes to go and makes scenarios for the future...  and go back to the past and make different decision and see what if???   But this is not how it works...  What is done is done... I cannot change it...  and what is to come will come in due time....  based on decision made in the PRESENT!!!   So if I am not in the present, how can I make the appropriate decision? 

The thing I have observed with me lately, is that I am NOT patient... and I need to work on this... I have observed that by waiting to much for something, I project myself in the future and forget about the present!  I would LOVE to be able to wait for something, put it on the back burner and move on!!!  But unfortunately, it is easier said then done!   In my case anyway...

I am not sure on how I will work on that....  perhaps by constantly calling back my wandering mind... as soon as I see it getting away!  I guess it is like most habit we have... we can change it with discipline...  which I do have!  So between now and my vacation in 7 weeks, I will work on being present a LOT... and will tell you how it does....  my progress or not... and my challenges... 

I have also noticed that when I practice yoga, my mind stays more quiet during the day...  and that naturally, I have a completely counterproductive habit... in time of high stress or fatigue, I tend to practice yoga less.... and I should actually do MORE!!!  I will also work on that... keep my yoga practice no matter what....  perhaps by adjusting the time or the length, the frequency or the actual asanas/breathing/meditation ratios... 

I will see how this brings me back in the present...  I will also focus on my breathing more during the day in general... this is a great way to stay present... when thinking about your breathing, it is almost impossible to think of anything else!!!

So this is my new project...   working on being in the NOW!!!!
I will see how that goes...  day by day...  not projecting anything for the next 7 weeks!

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love and peace,

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