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Friday, June 7, 2013

Priorities, choices and Life Happens

Hello my friends...

I am not sure if today's post is for you... or for me...  hopefully a little of both...

How do you handle priorities and choices? 

How easy do you get your priorities straight?  Do they change a lot?

Which priorities am I talking about really?  Health wise? Work? Family? Friends? Finance?

We have so many things going on in each of our lives...  that sometimes we can loose ourselves... at least I do...  Getting our priorities straight is not easy...  because we are constantly under the influence of others...  whether be it friends, coworkers, family, media, society...  We are bombarded with different ideas, way of thinking, influences, mix messages, created needs and misconception of what is right or wrong!!! 

In order to set your priorities straight once  and for all you need to find calm....  and listen to yourself only! Of course priorities changes with age, country, lifestyle...  and that's OK!!!  But it should not be changing daily... because if it does, you loose track and focus... and nothing really gets done or happen the way you wanted it to!!! And your life is a constant deception!

I have established my priorities a few years ago when I went to therapy... and the main priorities are still the same....  where it changes is in the way to get there...

For example, my priorities are health, my son and my husband, doing a job I love and being debt free.

These are the only things that REALLY do matter to me...  and that of course probably is not the same for you as we're all different...  fortunately... if not this place would be sooooo boring!

Now in order to keep those in balance you have to have another set or priorities and make choices... 

For instances, in order to maintain my health, I have to maintain a regular meditation and yoga practice (wake up early in the morning, so go to bed early too) and a strict diet...  In order to do this I need to cook at home a lot....  which goes well with managing my finances because eating out is expensive and would prevent me from reaching my debt free goal anytime soon...  However, cooking means spending time in the kitchen a lot...  which means time away from my son and husband.... so my husband is now keeping me company when I cook (he cannot cook... don't even think about it!).... and my son take this opportunity to do stuff on his own... so when we sit down to eat, we're all satisfy and can enjoy the meal! In order to do a job a love I have to commute a lot..  because this is the job I found that I really love!  Now I am willing to do this for a while but not forever so I had to determine what I could do closer to home that would resemble what I do now further away from home... keeping in mind that my health, son and husband are top priorities.... Now I found that : I want to help people find their true selves, be happy and healthy like I am!  Therefore I had to make a plan to achieve that... 

1) Go debt free...  getting closer to that - This is what my day job is helping me achieve - along with meeting and getting to help a bunch of people in a work setting but still..
2) Start a blog to get in touch with people - did that 3 years ago)
3) Write a book with my experience as a start to help people... and generate some revenue... so I wrote
"Life Happens" - this was really rewarding and help me stay focus on my goal when I get feedback from people reading it!!!
4) From "Life Happens" create conferences to reach even more people...  this is a work in progress
5) From all that, start a coaching practice where I'll be able to help people one on one more personally...  this is also to come...

All this while maintaining healthy eating habits and my meditation and yoga practice as well at attacking my debt and taking care of my son and husband...  So I can' let myself go unfocused... and this is the hard part!!!

Not everything always goes according to plan or as fast as you wish... but you have to be persistent... and this is where having your priorities straight helps!  If you're not sure of your priorities, your choices are more difficult to make and you get influenced more easily by others...  there are so many things surrounding us that when you go thru a rough time, it may be easy to give up or make the wrong choices... or change your priorities... only because it may seem easier in the short term... but it makes the long term happiness even further away!  Like if you take a step (or several steps) back...

What I am really trying to say is that in order to be happy and in line with who you really are, you need to identify what is REALLY important to YOU!  and you only... and from there create goal or objective and then find a way to stay focused on those!!! If you stay focus and work hard, balance your priorities and create a balance in your life, it will work out!  It will be easier to stay focus... it won't be as demanding to you... and you'll succeed!!!

The other thing I am trying to say is that you need to take ACTION (this is why I write this blog and wrote Life Happens )!!!  It is good to have priorities, goals, objectives... but you need to WORK toward achieving them... it will not happen overnight or by itself!  You are the creator of your own life...  the only creator of your life!  You make or break your own luck!!!  And sometimes you'll feel like you failed but it is bringing you closer to succeeding...  everything you do brings you closer....  and everything you do not do keep you still!!!

So what are your priorities?  What choices do you have to make? What is your plan? What is the next action?

I am alsways happy to hear from you...  do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,


  1. Having your priorities in order is always a great thing especially when it comes to finances. Whether it's getting out or staying out of debt or simply wanting to be financially sound, listing finances as a priority would mean less stress, in turn allowing you to focus on other things. Thanks for sharing, Nath!